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  1. Hi, could you tell me if you are still sourcing a developer for this contract?

    Kind Regards,

    Gavin Rice
  2. Hi Mike,

    Having read your recent post regarding your new development, I would like to offer you information about our services.

    We are a small development company that specialises in
  3. Sorry, can you close this ticket as this isn't reflecting the problem I'm having. I'll open a new ticket with a more precise description and example.


  4. Hi I would like to find a solution to the problem discussed in the thread below. When selecting the text area or row body of a grid row, the row is not selected. Similarly, the rowbodydblclick event...
  5. Wow, how I've missed that for so long is beyond me but that fixes it. You can mark this ticket as closed.

  6. Hi, I'm creating a new window and trying to invoke the close method of that window from the resulting IFRAME using the close method on the parentAutoLoadControl object. When doing this I'm getting...
  7. Hi, actually just using the BoxLabel fixes the issue. The container is not required.

    Thanks for your help.

  8. Hi, given the following example, how do I make the FieldLabel for the radio button visible?

    Any help would be marvellous.



    <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false"...
  9. Hi, this bug was introduced after the changes detailed in the thread below were made. Using the 'Drag/Drop (Insert Mode)' in the examples application, if you drag multiple items from the list on the...
  10. Hi Vlad, I've noticed that this change has created an additional bug. Do you want me to create a new Thread?
  11. Thanks, you can mark as closed.
  12. Hi, when using either the Append or Insert modes of the demo

    I've noticed that the order of the selected items is reversed in the target...
  13. Hi, when adding a tabstripitem using .AddItem, the tabstripitem in duplicated. This does not occur when using .Items.Add

    I've only tested this bug in the latest release.

    See repro code below:
  14. I think you've answered my question. Changing pnlCentre to 'card' layout gives me the desired result.

    Thanks for your help on this and mark as closed.

  15. Hi Vlad, my mistake. I have done as you suggested but the panel still does not fit to the size of its container(pnlcentre). I have noticed that the first tab to be added actually resizes but adding...
  16. Sorry, I receive the following error:

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: '' is null or not an object
  17. Vlad, ignore the last post. I understand the issue there and have fixed it. Unfortunately it appears to have created a new problem.

    See updated code below

    <%@ Page Language="vb"...
  18. Changing to AddTo generates the following exception in the code sample provided.

    Microsoft JScript compilation error: Expected ')'

    The content of the the result.script is as follows:

  19. New sample

    <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeBehind="TabContentResizeIssue.aspx.vb"
    Inherits="LargeDropdownTest.TabContentResizeIssue" %>

    <%@ Register...
  20. Hi Vlad, sorry I just added that for the test app. The issue still remains. Do you want be to change the code to use a simpler ID?
  21. Hi, I'm having trouble dynamically adding new panels for use with tabstripitems. The panels are being created and are being displayed on tab click but the panel isn't using the 'fit' layout specified...
  22. Out of interest, is DisplayField as new component? I've never noticed it before and there aren't any demos in the Example Explorer.
  23. Hi Daniil, thanks. That appears to be a working solution.

  24. Hi, I'm trying to achieve a similar layout to that of a typical email client. I found it relatively straight forward to create the From,To, Subject, Body style layout but I'm really struggling to...
  25. Thanks both. I knew it would be something straight forward!
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