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  1. Thread: Critical bug

    by ADV
    Really useful this forum!
  2. Hi Guys,

    in Ext.Net 4.5.1, adding the edit plugin in the group command example, makes the commandcolumn disappear after editing a cell.

    Here is the scenario to reproduce the issue.

  3. Thread: Critical bug

    by ADV
    Hi Guys,

    after upgrading Ext.Net 2.5 to 4.5.1, i got a problem in safari on ipad air 2, ipad pro and IPhone 6/7 (iOS 11).
    Website and safari freeze after few random clicks on panel, especially...
  4. Thank you so much Geoffrey!

    Always accurate and exhaustive.
  5. Sig. Fabricio,

    I see that you answer quite quickly to all posts.

    In the past we had discussions, do you have any problems with us?

    Thank you
  6. No idea?

  7. Hi,

    how can i add OnSubmitData event to the Store server side?

    I need to get:

    <ext:Store ID="StoreGrid" runat="server" OnSubmitData="exportGridPanelStore_Submit">
  8. Hi,

    can you provide for example how i can get this (multilevel Nested lists)

    without using TreeStore and instead using <ListConfig><ext:List...?...
  9. Hi,

    it's possible to add one icon to the Nested lists row (before text)?

    And more generally, it's possible to use a custom template to have custom rows?

  10. Ok, no problem.

    I need client side code only.

    Server side i usually use this code:

    protected void cmdSignatureSave_DirectClick(object sender, DirectEventArgs e)
  11. No answer for my question?
  12. Hello,
    it is possible in some way bring together EXT.NET and EXT.NET Mobile in the same project (visual studio 2015, and Web Forms)?

    Of course I mean not together on the same page, but used in...
  13. Have any plans to provide photo upload control in

    I mean something like


    or single
  14. Ok, I can see from your example that only

    <textarea runat="server" id="html5TextArea"></textarea>

    <asp:button runat="server" type="submit" text="submit aspnet" />

  15. Thank you,
    the server side I receive the file name.

    You can also also explain to me how I get the file to be saved?
  16. Hi,
    if I add to Treepanel the GridFilters feature I get a javascritpt error.

    Below your example
    with GridFilters.

    <%@ Page...
  17. Hello,
    we are working with Web Forms.

    Can you show me an example page that uses EXT.NET Mobile and that allows to upload a file to chosen by the user?

    thank you.
  18. Hi,

    it is possible to upload photos?
  19. Hi,

    Rereading I agree, this message was not clear. :)

    The steps to reproduce the problem are:

    1- Write a range (5 cells and 3 columns) with numbers and letters.
    2- Copy this range from...
  20. Right,
    I tried but with Style an not style. :-(

    Thank you
  21. Thank you very much, your solution works and has been for me very very useful!
  22. Hi,

    for ImageCommand i can apply the Style.

    <ext:ImageCommand CommandName="Ledger" Icon="BuildingDelete" Style="margin-left:5px !important;" ToolTip-Text="Primary tool" />

    How can I do...
  23. As always your explanations are precise and they solve the problems.

    >The recommended way in ExtJS to find the record index is using store.indexOf(record).

    Certainly I will follow your advice!...
  24. Hello, I have a serious problem.

    If I paste some cells (eg, 5 rows and 5 columns) from Excel in the textArea of my example
    in DATA_CLIPBOARD I lose characters \r at the end of each line and...
  25. I look forward to a solution for this problem.
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