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  1. Hello again, @CRYSTALCT!

    If you're starting a new project you are more than welcome to give Ext.NET 7 a try and start cutting-edge! You can start your project right now and only worry with the...
  2. Hello Mikael!

    Instead of going to the "readonly" path that you are unsure how to style them (as they are naturally not restyled), why don't you just override the -disabled CSS class appended to...
  3. Thanks for the feedback, @rwurzer! We are kind of anticipating Chrome version 88 to address this issue, there have been several regression issues in 87, it seems.
  4. Hello @CRYSTALCT! Welcome to Ext.NET Forums!

    In case you are looking for Ext.NET 5 API docs, it has moved to

    Hope this helps!
  5. Hello @Vamsi!

    If you want to just remove these entries, you can do this:

    Ext.define("MyMenulessDesktop", {
    override: "Ext.ux.desktop.Desktop",
    createDesktopMenu: function () {
  6. Hello again, Flaviano!

    This should get you started with a working file upload field scenario:


    @page "{handler?}"
    @model Your.Namespace.Here.PageFileNameModel
  7. Hello Robert!

    Thanks for reporting the issue you found in Ext.NET! It seems google chrome really introduced that issue in its latest release, and the problem is affecting our underlying framework,...
  8. Hello again, Flaviano!

    We have discussed the paging feature today and decided on logging an issue to implement a more straightforward experience with the feature. We have then logged issue #1843...
  9. Glad it worked, Mikael, and thank you for the feedback!
  10. Hello Flaviano!

    We are working on a port for the corresponding sample from V5 (WebForms, MVC) and will post a follow-up when we have wrapped one that works. In case during the process we can...
  11. Hello @Vamsi!

    Sorry for the delay, please give us a bit more time to check your issue and provide you an answer. No matter what, this should require extension of the desktop component, so we are...
  12. Cool, Dan! At least you could solve the issue now.

    So, back to the still happening issue (to remove the need of any workaround) we will post back here as soon as we get the fix for issue #1833...
  13. Hello Mikael! Thanks for the test case!

    By programmatically starting the edit in a row, selection does not take place. This is basically because different grid selection approaches would behave...
  14. Hello Dan!

    Glad you could find out what's wrong... Is that a custom theme you use in your project, or that's in a theme shipped with Ext.NET? I basically tried the code using Ext.NET's default...
  15. Hello Flaviano!

    Glad you could find a solution, and thanks for reporting the issue!

    But it is a little hard to follow if we don't have a test case. We may log an issue and fix this for the next...
  16. Hello Mikael!

    Do you have a test case we can reproduce the scenario you are describing?

    It looks like you may be trying to retrieve a record from the store before it is committed. There's that...
  17. Hello Flaviano! Thanks for the follow up!

    That was unexpected. this should reference the surrounding ext-button. At least as far as the code block provided in the first post is concerned.
  18. Hello @Geovision!

    Can you tell us what you configure on your web server to prepend that /ffmsadmintoolmvc path to your published website?

    I would expect the ~/ substitution to work but if it...
  19. Hello @Geovision!

    Have you tried changing the block starting at line 26 to the following?

    app.UseExtNetResources("/FFMSADMINTOOLMVC/extnet7", config =>
    if (env.IsDevelopment())
  20. Hello again, Flaviano!

    You seem to be going the right way here. You'd need to craft the response the way Ext JS will understand. I have checked WebForms' Grid Panel > Paging and Sorting > Page...
  21. Feature request logged as issue #1841. And yes, this seems pretty possible as far as our preliminary investigation went, unless there are limitations in specifying the object as an argument to the...
  22. Hello @Fla!

    Glad you could find a way that worked in you case, but beware this this.$widgetRecord seems to be a private/undocumented entity. While it is not very likely to change or be removed,...
  23. Hello again, Dan!

    There must be something wrong either in the changes you applied to your code or how I am trying to reproduce the issue.

    Please take a look at the current view code I'm using
  24. Hello Dan!

    It's strange, I am pretty confident Ext.NET 5.2.0 behaved differently than 5.1.0 -- and I checked, no regression regarding that in 5.3.0. I may have missed something.

    Will review it...
  25. Hello again, @Fla!

    Yes, this was what I first expected to work, then I looked at the example I pointed in the previous post. And then, reading again the documentation entry you posted:
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