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  1. Hello!!
    I have testing the datefield and datecolumn and then a try to pass the value to directmethod (code behind) the dates get for example,
    2019-10-19T03:00:00Z... why its return a hours (03)......
  2. Hello, I am testing the recently released version and noticed that this example is not working. Have had any changes to its...
  3. thanks for the quick response.
    Do you have any date for the final version will be released?
  4. Hello again, I have tried the example (TabPanel - Reorderable Tabs) and when I open, get a javascript error in console

    There is a print


    Is there a bug or the plugin BoxReorderer is...
  5. Where is my test case

    <ext:Window runat="server" Layout="VBoxLayout" Width="400" Icon="Lock" Title="Login Screen">
  6. Hello Everyone

    I updated to the newly released version 5.0.0.
    I'm testing a new theme called "Material", however, I don't know if it's possible or it's a mistake, I can't set the width...
  7. This is a example using Flex, but i need use column, to ajust the width in percentage.
    Another question, how i can move one column to another row using boxreorderer, its possible? How i can?

  8. Could anyone help me with a way to get align the fields using the columnwidth and can change the positions using the BoxReorderer?
    Because the BoxReorderer works fine with HBox and VBox, but i need...
  9. Thanks for the fast reply.
    Its help a little bit, but my major problem is not create a dynamic controls, and yes how to populate it later, I mean in a new directmethod.
    Because when I use getcmp,...
  10. Hello everyone.
    I am just starting this fantastic framework and I need some help with my tests.

    My idea is to create a dynamically direct page of the own page , for example a button to adiconar...
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