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  1. Hi, It is very goods ,the V1.0 final released,I want to know when the chart component can include.
  2. Please help me ,I want to show the math in the grid. thanks.
    I try it ,it not show in the grid cell, I don't know how to do it .
  3. Yes In the Container Component is helpful,but I want to show it in the grid?
  4. Hi,In My Project,had to show Math,so I found ASCIIMathML ,It Can Show Math in the web page,
    How I Add it to Thanks.
  5. Hi, I Get this DisPlay Error,Please see the attach image.
  6. Hi,Can You Tell Us the Ext.Net Future RoadMap. Thanks
  7. hi, Whether Sencha Touch will have a tookit.
  8. Hi, It is a so long time,the extjs 3.3 final released,but the 1.0 have not released yet.
    please give us a confirmdate. thanks.
  9. Hi,Everyone Want to know Will the V1.0 Will Release
    Today is 9.21 is the end of 9.
    Please let us know what the problem prevent release,It's delayed a very long time.
  10. Hi, I want to Know When the Ext.Net V1.0 Will Release, It is a Long Time Wait. Please Give us a Confirm Date. Thanks.
  11. Hi,I Want To Know Whether the chart is add in V1.0
    and When the V1.0 Will Release.
    It is a Long Time Wait.
  12. Hi,Can Tell us the Day When the V1.0 will Release or the RC Version.
  13. Hi,I want to know When will the V1 release,Today is the end of Q1,
    we wait so long time, can you give us a truely day when will it release.
  14. Hi,it is very close to the end of Q1,
    I Want to know the V1.0 Will it Delayed again
  15. Hi,Geoffrey McGill
    Can you Give a Date When it will release.thanks
  16. Hi,I Want to Know when the V1.0 Will Release.
    And The V1.0 FrameWork Will Use Extjs 3.0 or Extjs 3.1?
  17. I countered this problem,
    I Have a Grid,in this Grid has a CheckColumn,I Found that When I Click the CheckColumn,
    I Can not Get the ChangeValue, Can AnyOne Help me ,how to get the ChangeValue....
  18. Hi,everybody,In My One Project,IWant to Dynamic Create GridPanel and Load Data,
    And I Write the Code By C# Code,but I Had get Error.

    This is My Code:

    protected void Page_Load(object...
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