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  1. I add Contextmenu to Treepanel. When I right click the tree row the menu not display right below the click place it display far way below the click place. I also add #{ConMenu1}.showAt(e.getXY()); in...
  2. No, I don't have exception. I can display three parts. only one part cannot display. Do you need whole visual studio project? I can send to you.
  3. Dear Sir:

    I want to divide page in four parts use ViewPort control. but one part cannot display. Can you help me to find out the problem.


    Here is Default.aspx code:
  4. Thanks. I set Autoload to false. it only load once now.
  5. I upgraded to ext 4.2, the problem is still there. So I put bg.gif file in project location extjs/resources/images/crisp/toolbar/. the problem is gone.
  6. In the page there is ext:window for load other page when user click the command menu in grid. the ext:window display correct in desktop browser but cannot display in IPad when click the command menu....
  7. I am going to upgrade to 4.2 and test it again
  8. I changed ext theme from default to Crisp. some image files cannot be found. there is error in console:
    ext.axd?v=4.1.0:11 GET http://localhost:7031/extjs/resources/images/crisp/toolbar/bg.gif 404...
  9. I changed code var record = storeDocTypes.getAt(0);
    get Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAt' of undefined.
    I noticed in the watch window storeDocTypes also is undefined.
    So I move...
  10. Upgrade from ext net version 3 to version 4. I have a page when page first load it will get vaule from cookie to select the value in comobox. javascript function showSearchResult will get cookie...
  11. I use ext:Panel to load page in it content. but every time it load the page twice. I don't know why.
    in client side code:

    <ext:TabPanel ID="pnlDocumentView" runat="server" Region="Center"...
  12. Daniil:

    I didn't test it. Just wants to know before I change my project to support Mobile device. Thanks for let me know it works you tested before.

  13. Daniil:

    I already have ItemClick, ItemDblClick in the row Listeners. Do you mean it works for tap and double tap in tablet without code change?


  14. Our product wants to support mobile device. I want to know how to handle user in touch screen to tap or double tap row in GridPanel. There is ItemDblClick event for PC user. Do you have similar event...
  15. Dear Sir:

    Our product is a web application developed use 2.3. One of our customer request to let web site alive for 4 hours. He don't want to log in the server after not use for 30...
  16. Thread: IE 11 issue

    by Holly
    Dear Sir:

    In our product we use third party control, put third party control inside ext:Panel control. first we use 1.1 in our product. we have issue when it run in IE 10 environment....
  17. Thanks for your reply. DefaultButton property works for FormPanel when your cursor is in the FormPanel. Do you have other solution for page level when you click enter. it will submit the form doesn't...
  18. Hi:

    I use Ext.Net 2.4 and has a button in my page. type is submit. when I click enter key in the page. submit button click event is not called.
    Do you how to submit the button event when user...
  19. I use Layout="Fit" for center region.
  20. Hi:

    I have ext:Viewport in my page. I have west region panel, center region panel and east region panel. east region panel is collapsible and is collapsed when it first load. center region I have...
  21. Hi:

    I use 2.4 to develop our product. currently I run into a problem. I have page use controls and on this page I also use an ajax control from other company to display document....
  22. I have Panel which is collapsed when page first open. I want to add some client side function when user click collapse icon to expand the panel. where I need to put client code in?

  23. Thanks. It works.
  24. How to get rid of the message "Request failure - status code 200" in Ext.Net Version 2.4?
  25. I want to set fielddefault for formpanel in server side. How to do it?

    the following is server side code for create formpanel. how to set FieldDefault for this formpanel in server side. like...
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