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  1. Hi,

    I have grid panel with users contains nearly 500 records.
    so loading of that page is slow.If i see the view source it contans all 500 records.
    Is there is any way to avoide...
  2. Hi,

    In previous version of coolitecontrols i saw some grid panel page ,that has edit button
    that will load usercontrol ondemand.that has 2 examples for loading user control data for loading at...
  3. Hi ,

    Is there any way to apply caching for UI controls to imporve performance.
    if any information please suggest me.

    thanks and regards
  4. Thank you very much..Vladimir ,

    It is working fine..the example which you give really very usefull for me.

    Thanks again..

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply..

    i tried to call like from child page..

    <Click Handler="parent.taddTab(#{TabPanel1}, 'idGgl', '');" />

    and my JS function in child...
  6. Hi vladimir,

    from parent page i can able to create new tabs.when i need to create tab on parent page(add tab to existing tab panel) when i click on button on child page.

    if you have any sample...
  7. Hi,

    I have menu panel just similar to 'coolite example explorer'.When i click on one menu item
    related page opening in center portion of main page.
    Now i have new page opened in main page,that...
  8. Hi,

    I have a gridpanel that list of Tenders. and each row contains BidAmount column.
    This bid amount will change based on latest bid amount based on who entered maximum.

    so based on latest bid...
  9. Hi,

    Thanks ..

    My problem was sloved by using new coolite dlls(0.8.2).
    but i dont understant why it suddelny gives problem with 0.8.1 version of dll.

  10. Hi ,

    while running project i am getting error 'Could not load file or assembly Coolite.Ext.Web'.
    I created one sample project and adding coolite dlls getting same error.but same application...
  11. Hi ,

    Anybody please tell me where we can get document for Coolite controls and thair properites.

    Thanks ,
  12. sorry , i mean sample application is working fine ..but if use same config setting in project i have problem with Ext javascript error.

    i am using windows-7 nad coolite dll ver is 0.8.1 .
  13. yes ..i was added that handler and modules then my sample app is working fine.

    so actual application has problem with .ext. I used handlers and modules same as in sample application.But still has...
  14. Thank you..valdsch,

    I attached that generated html and web.config,please check it.
  15. Hi ,

    you are right ..
    In firebug request list does not have request like 'coolite.axd'.

    please advise me how to access ext files.

  16. Hi valdsch,

    Please help me how to chack the Fiddler or Firebug requests status.

    actually no changes made in code and system configuration.It works fine yesterday.

    what may be the issue.
  17. Hi ,

    While running coolite application i am getting following.. javascript error.
    Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'Ext' is undefined.
    this error coming suddenly with out any changes in code and...
  18. Hi..

    I am using coolite Tabs in my application.
    Like when a user login then a menu is displaying left hand side same as coolite examples explore menu.when user click on links different tabls open...
  19. Thank you for your very quick reply.
  20. Hi Geoffrey,

    I have Gridpanel contains list of records with CheckBoxSelection column.

    Here when i login as user i need hide checkbox selection model in grid.
    If i login as Admin i need to...
  21. Hi..

    I have Gridpanel contains two buttons (edit and view) in CommandColumn.
    Now i need to enable/diable these buttons based on employee status in code behind.
    Please suggest how to achive...
  22. Hi..

    In gridpanel can we merge two columns in grid panel.
    Ex: i have startdate and enddate columns.
    they are displaying in gridpanel.
    now i want display those two columns in single column as...
  23. Hi ,

    I build a test application using coolite controls(0.8.1).
    I hosted that site in iis-7.

    If i am browsing the site like "http:\\localhost\testsite\login.aspx" It is working fine.

    If i...
  24. Hi,
    I am not using prox ,becouse I need client side paging.
    So is there any way to get selected (check box selection model)
    records of all pages while saving.

  25. Hi,

    I am some issue with JsonReader JsonReader.
    Ex: I have List of Employess in GridPanel.Now i am Deleting some employees by CheckBoxSelecting column Chekbox.
    Here I am selecting employees from...
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