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  1. Where can I get the DB schema for the Calendar controls?
  2. Can be any form element...

    I call it on the server side..

    So...I'd like to use the InfoPanel, and have it slide under the element passed in..


    I got around...
  3. Hi.
    I have a server-side method, and I want to show an InfoPanl right below my button element:

    public static void Notify(string title, string...
  4. HI,
    I have a simple DIV element, to which I can successfully apply a callout..

    Ext.Msg.callout('grid' + (i + 1), { alignment: 'top', ui: 'danger', title: 'Error', html: 'Please enter footnote...
  5. I have a gridpanel with a checkbox column.
    When the checkbox is checked/unchecked, it fires an ajax call to update data using a handler...
    The problem is that if a user runs down the list really...
  6. .focus() doesn't seem to work.

    Is there any solid work around? I tried just about everything I found here in forum...

    I just want the cursor to be at the end of the content, ready for user to...
  7. Ho can I hide this toolbar?
  8. Hi again ;)

    I may have asked before, but is there any way that I can "background" load a window, before showing it?
    I have a window defined in markup, that I load a dynamic URL with...
  9. What about just in text field?
  10. If I wanted to, could I use tags to float them around in a textarea to allow users to create sentences from words?
    Ideally, I'd want to preserve the order of the tags..

    Is this doable? If so,...
  11. I have an CellEditor plugin for a grid.
    When the user clicks the cell to edit, I want to change the background to red.
    When the method returns after saving the change, I want to...
  12. I have an CellEditor plugin for a grid.
    When the user clicks the cell to edit, I want to change the background to red.
    When the method returns after saving the change, I want to...
  13. Got it.

    Just had to call:


  14. Hi Geoff:
    alert(App.ContentPlaceHoolder1_SubTab213.getBody()) returns undefined....


    Here is how the tabPanel panels are rendered:
  15. Tab Panel has several tabs, each loading same Child Page...... I want to call JS function in child from Window
    I have a bit of an issue.
    I have a window, inside I have a tab panel. The tabpanel loads a child panels defined on page load, with different parameters to represent different content for each...
  16. I have a grid that is grouped by a specific field.
    Depending on unrelated data that is in the store, I want to change the title of the groups.
    How can I do that on the client-side?
  17. Right on, thanks Geoff..will use work around until...
  18. Is there a way to globally set the Ajax timeout for all DirectMethod calls across entire site?
  19. Is there any way I can make this synchronous?
    Basically, I'm detecting if the grid is dirty before a user can add a row, or re-order rows, or change a a variety of things...
    I'd like to execute...
  20. How can I hide the + and - button in GridPanel grouping? And prevent collapse of group all together?
  21. Is this possible?
  22. Hi,
    I'd lke to add a button right after the "sort" commands, and just before the "hide/show" check boxes?
    Can someone point me in the right direction? With a sample?
  23. I tried this to get the cell I wanted to focus, but then using the arrow keys to navigate doesn't seem to work...any ideas?
  24. I want to select a cell when the grid loads.. but not place in edit in image: how can I do that?
  25. How can I override? Is this right?

    onViewRender: function (view) {

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