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  1. Thanks for the feedback, hope this helped!

    ..and I fixed the issue my lack of counting skills caused in the alternative paths I provided in the previous post. :)
  2. Hello @MidnightRiders!

    There may be missing bits from your question, but as far as I could understand, I can't see how this could be done.

    How is the interface supposed to guess which rows you...
  3. Thanks for your feedback, glad it helped!
  4. Hello Susan!

    The example highlights usage of components in headers for simple filtering tasks. If you read thru the example's code, you'll notice how it just uses ordinary form fields to act as...
  5. Hello again, Susan!

    There must be something else besides just the BufferedRenderer subsystem. In the example I provided above, if changed just to disable the buffered renderer, it then works. Just...
  6. Hello Susan!

    Trying to reduce the Threshold value didn't produce the result you are asking for?
  7. Hello Susan!

    This gets tough as it is not reproducible, but I'd say it might have been affected by some of the feather (third party libraries or custom code) you have.

    We in fact recently had...
  8. Thanks for the feedback! We will keep the thread tagged as 'open' so we keep track of the issue with the AlwaysOnTop setting.
  9. Hello again, Susan!

    Can you try adding this script block to your page and let us know if the issue is properly addressed?

    Looking forward to your follow-up.

    Ext.define('gh1687', {
  10. Thanks for the feedback, and glad it helped!

    We're tagging this thread as "closed", then.
  11. Hello, Susan!

    Just force the taskbar's z-index CSS style and it should work as you need.

    Unfortunately it seems the AlwaysOnTop and AlwaysOnTopIndex server-side settings are broken. We have...
  12. Hello, Susan!

    Looks like this is a bug introduced by Ext JS 6.5.0, which went out with Ext.NET 4.3.0, released around September 2017. We found the bug was reported still in June 2017 after that...
  13. Hello @MidnightRiders, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    First, thanks for the very easy to follow instructions on reproducing your issue. It really helps us understand your problem and give you...
  14. Hello @LikeWatchStar!

    Anything you change client-side, or thru direct events/methods, that you need later on in code behind should be passed back to the server. The server only knows initial state...
  15. The view referred to in the thread you pointed is the grid's view. The idea there was to gray everything but the grid cells.

    This would, indeed, achieve the objective of being unable to switch...
  16. Hello Alex,

    What about just disabling the header line while the editor is on? You could bind the beforeEdit event for disabling and edit plus cancelEdit events to re-enable it.

    I'd say by...
  17. Hello @baruch.gabo!

    Thanks for reporting the issue! I see that Sencha "addressed" this issue in their slider example by overriding a CSS setting. I'm afraid for the time being this should be the...
  18. Hello @jirihost!

    The string you provide matches Ext.NET tokens. If you don't use this ${id} syntax at all, you can disable it with the following code in your global.asax file:

  19. Hello,

    The following suggests the setting was no longer available since version 2 of Ext.NET:

    - ColumnLayout example in v1
  20. Hello @jcanton!

    You are migrating from Ext.NET 1 to 5, right?

    I see references to the config option you mentioned (FitHeight) in the ColumnLayout Example from Ext.NET 1 examples explorer.

  21. Hello Alex!

    I'm afraid we have a bug coming deeper from bare Ext JS, as I can reproduce this behavior with Ext JS standalone example using grid filter at Ext JS 7.0.0 Examples > Kitchen Sink >...
  22. Hello Ian!

    There's no "best practice" among them, you're just using different ways to initialize the component. Different <component>For() components have different possible ways of filling them...
  23. Hello @craigthames,

    What you are trying to do should work as long as the badge has not been drawn to screen yet. You're just changing the badge's initial config. This won't do though, if you're...
  24. Hello Alex!

    I don't need to do the two clicks you are talking about. Which browser are you using that you reproduce this?

    I click once in the header's arrow pointing down and menu is displayed....
  25. Ops, my bad! Lucky I was with the tab still open here to build up the link. Fixed on the original post.

    By the way, you can find existing answers for many questions with google if you search like...
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