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  1. It works, thanks Vladimir, so kind of you.
    Pls mark this thread as resolved.
  2. Dear team,

    I found a strange behavior in code AjaxEvent for ext:textfield control.

    Refer to below code, "TextField" should be a readonly control, but the value can be change in ajaxevent when...
  3. Thanks Vladimir, it works !
    Pls close this post, thanks.
  4. Dear coolite team,

    I try to put a textfield and a tooptip in web control(testtip.ascx), it runs ok, but when I try to change ext:tooltip content in Page_Load event of the control, the browser...
  5. thanks jchau, it's a fast and acceptable solution for me, I'll try this.

    Dear admin, pls mark this thread as resolved, thanks/
  6. thanks Washburn! It seems to be a good extjs event calendar, but it run failed under IE7, so I have to give up it. Anyway, still thanks for your information.

    Any clue for other similar code?...
  7. Dear all,

    Does someone have solution to create a monthly view calendar with extjs/coolite? like the calendar in MS outlook.

    Only date pick are avaliable in current coolite API; ASP:Calendar...
  8. It works, pls mark this topic as resolved. Thanks Vladimir, you're so helpful!

    Also a little suggestion, traditional ASP interface / ajax interface / frontend JS interface really makes newbie...
  9. Dear all,

    I have a combobox bind with a store in page, which will list all country code with description.
    I put the init code on Page_Load event, binding combobox and store with SQL server table,...
  10. thanks vladimir, really helpful, I'll retry with correct JsonReader defination later.
  11. Dear mindcore1, thanks for your reply, but it semmes not what I need, my problem is the different update method of formview and gridpanel. Also the 2nd example is list / detail view, the value in...
  12. Hi all, I've try to use coolite coding on a page which need access/update on one master table and a linked subtable, same structure as [order] and [orderdetail].
    The page "OrderDetail.aspx"...
  13. Hi,

    I trying to bind the ADO object to GridPanel as datasource but seems not successful. But in example on web, the binding to asp datasource object (i.e. SQLdatasoure is successful).

    Below are...
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