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  1. This is error message I get on IE9 only. Don't get what is going on, and why it works on Firefox. Any Idea?
    This is when grid shows data.

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML...
  2. setting validateRequest="false" back function to work
  3. It was some copy&paste code found somewhere on forum exporting data to xml/excell/csv with xslt.
    I belive that there was proper xml with data that go without problems XSL tranformation. Now it get...
  4. however this change my output.

    No I get [object Object] if I get e.Xml

    protected voidMyStore_Submit(object sender, StoreSubmitDataEventArgs e)
    XmlNode xml = e.Xml;
  5. I got it now.
  6. I want to printout XML from store. Some of my columns contains HTML So I have

    protected void MyStore_Submit(object sender, StoreSubmitDataEventArgs e)
    XmlNode xml = e.Xml;
  7. This is how I see it with IE9 (I'm not sure about compatibility mode)



    while it works fine with Chrome and FFx
  8. damn. It doesn't work in IE ?
  9. thanks this is it! :)
  10. I have:

    <ext:ListView ID="CommentsListView" runat="server" ColumnSort="false" Selectable="true" Flex="1">
  11. Here is my problem with Convert

    I have function like this

    var UTC2Local = function(dateString) {
    var d1 = new Date(dateString);
    gmtHours = 2;
  12. Id is unique for sure, I double check it again.

    Please find attached file with response
  13. Hi,

    I have store like this:

  14. No and yes. If no then I have two functions, first on client side (to deal with Ext store records, and second on server side to do the same thing but in the different way to deal with UTC read/write...
  15. Do you know problem with error message (javscript console) like this:

    Uncaught Error: can't load XRegExp twice in the same frame
  16. Maybe butI can't. This is 3part datasource connector I cannot modify. Best if I coud convert it between data connector (asp datasource) and ext store.
  17. May you be able to help me with that?

    I;m trying to do it like this, but with no luck (empty string in return). Can it work ?

  18. Yes, Let's say I know my timezone. Can I globally (for session actually) set my timezone and it will be reflected while display for example DateColumn ?
  19. After I put XTemplate inside <%-- --%> then nothing is printed at all. Are you shure this should working ? Wha I'm doing wrong:

    <%--<XTemplate ID="Template1" runat="server">...
  20. Hi.

    I have time in database stored in UTC/GMT, I would present it to the user with valid time zone shift. Where can I find setting for client timezone ? Or do you have any guidelines to make it...
  21. This is intentional ?:

    <%--<XTemplate runat="server">
  22. and to have all pieces this is html I'm testing with:

    <font face="tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif"><span style="font-size: 12px;">​</span></font><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255);...
  23. ok I search forum and found two solutions:


    <ext:RecordField Name="Description" Type="String" SortType="AsText" SubmitEmptyValue="EmptyString"...
  24. I think I got it. This template allways fail. The broken part is

    here is broken template. In my case &quote; is inside data returned from server.

  25. I've send you my source to There is permanent problem with quoted text. As far as anybody add something quoted then it's broken right away.
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