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  1. I do not need it, thanks!
  2. hello, how I can represent this in Ext Net? :

    <form action="" method="POST" >
    <input type="hidden" name="nombre" value="Antonio"/>
    <input type="hidden"...
  3. I solved this way (using the listbox object):

    <ext:Container ID="ContainerResult" runat="server" MarginSpec="10 0 0 20" >
    <asp:ListBox ID="ListBoxResultados"...
  4. Hi!

    How I can make a line break into a textArea from codebehind?
    Or some other similar object to the ListBox in asp.

  5. This example did work, and with that I could solve my problem,
    I detected that the image path did not work, I had to change it so:

    nodoGrupo.IconFile = "/Imagenes/Iconos/" + iconname

  6. I just want to show icons so:


    that he succeeded in version 2.2 with the next section of code in codebehind:

    Dim nodoOpcion As New Node
  7. so icons are displayed:


    I need to use in the codebehind, have any suggestions? thanks
  8. I have a problem with changing the version of Ext Net
    I had version 2.2 and I switched to version 2.3
    This caused the treepanel no longer show icons
    only shows default icons

    Use the following...
  9. I have a problem with dates,
    I have stored the date "27-11-2012" in a database, I get it using a query to fill a store.

    The query gets the date correctly, but to represent it in the...
  10. perfect, thanks Geoffrey
  11. My application made ​​in Ext Net v. 2.2,
    this application will be installed on PCs with IE8,
    I just want to confirm, IE8 is fully compatible with this version of ext net?
  12. ok, you understood me correctly, thanks!
  13. Is there any way to put a connection speed meter with some component of Ext Net?

  14. Hi,

    When i try to save a chart the text moves to the right and is above the chart, i put the 2 images 1.png is the aplication chart and the other is the .png that is downloading

    Any suggestion...
  15. it right, it works thanks!
  16. sorry, I was not clear, I need to use this example:
  17. The Reorderable property not appear, in the panel. why?

    I use version 2.2
  18. This works perfectly, thank you very much!
  19. Perfect!

    following your suggestion, I already solved,
    I share the solution:

  20. I have a TabPanel, How I can close all open tabs in a single action?

    I just want to keep open the first tab (index = 0)

  21. Excellent blueworld, this worked, thanks!
  22. my code does not work, where should go the label getrowclass ?


    <ext:GridView runat ="server" >
    <GetRowClass Fn ="PresupActual" />
  24. How I can apply style to a grid row based on a value of store
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