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  1. OK. I will use an Ajax Event to pop up Window1 placed in Default.aspx by calling Window1.Show();

    Do you know how I can autoload an IFrame URL after Window1 displays on screen?
  2. In my case ResultDataTablePage.aspx has a GridPanel bound to a datatable with autogenerated columns at runtime.

    I am trying to load ResultDataTablePage.aspx into the IFrame of a Window using...
  3. Hello all,

    Has anyone has done this before? If yes, please post some sample code. I need to bind a server side DataTable in code behind to a GridPanel (using a Store) and then place the GridPanel...
  4. Has anyone run into a similar problem? When I switch from HTML source view to design view or save the ASPX page, Visual Studio 2008 (with SP1) crashes. This happens ONLY when I have a thrid party...
  5. <P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Thanks for the response, Geoffrey. In your example above, you have used a Panel and simple Html in it. However, in my case, I have a Window with an...
  6. Can anybody post some sample code clearly demonstrating how to bind a GridPanel to a DataTable in code behind by autogenerating columns?

    In my case, I have a GridPanel in the South region of a...
  7. I need to pass a QueryString in the AutoLoad Url of a Window to display a GridPanel that is being data bound in another page. However this this not working.

    <ext:Window ID="Window1"...
  8. Window w = new Window();

    w.ID = "Window2";

    w.Width = new Unit(550, UnitType.Pixel);

    w.Height = new Unit(325, UnitType.Pixel);
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