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  1. Something odd...I have a gridpanel with checkboxes (see this thread). It loads fast BUT, after scrolling down a few screens, all the checkboxes become "true/false":

  2. seemed to do the trick!

    I added:


    to the relevant columns. I will see if the user is ok with the change in presentation.
  3. Hello, I was following this thread:

    But it does not help. I have a grid panel that is loading...
  4. Using ValidateEdit, the last keystroke never fired the event. So if you looked in the java console, the last line you would see was: "0500 _M" (I am using a mask edit).

    I ended up just using the...
  5. When I use ValidateEdit, the last keystroke does not trigger the function (which is the opposite of what I would expect).

    When I use Edit, returning false did not prevent the edit.

    Right now,...
  6. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to validate some editable cells in a grid panel and it is not working. I have two columns, TimeIn and TimeOut, and want to be sure that TimeIn <= TimeOut.

    I am trying to use the...
  8. I dont see how that will how that code will post the selected values back to the server when the user wants to save.

    Let me back up and explain the purpose. On this form, there are about 60...
  9. I was looking at this post:

    and this link:
  10. I found the answer:

    ls.Select.Handler = @"var formPanel = this.up('form');
    var tf = formPanel.down('[name=BirthCountryOther]');
  11. How do I find a field in a panel? The view is used in multiple places, so the Panel has a dynamic ID, as do the fields in the panel. The basic idea is to enable the "Other" text field when "Other"...
  12. Icon.None ... that's great!
  13. I have a property in my model called IsLocked, and I was wondering how would I change the icon on a TextFieldFor control?

    Html.X().TextFieldFor(m => m.FirstName, false)
  14. I have two timefields in a fairly typical scenario: A start time and end time:

    Html.X().TimeFieldFor(m => m.MondayStartTime, false).FieldLabel("Start").MinTime(new TimeSpan(7, 30,...
  15. I was missing

  16. I need to use this as an input mask for time. In the DB, I have values as a string with a format necessary for a seperate export function.

    An example time is "05:00 PM". They are all stored as...
  17. Tried, but could not convert this:

    <ext:TextField runat="server" FieldLabel="Custom placeholders" Note="Input a date">
  18. Will

    e.config[0].disabled = true

    Disable the entire row or do I need to do this for each column?
  19. I have a grid similar to:

    How can I disable editting of a row based on a value in the store? It would also need to be greyed out.

  20. In case anyone wants to see the final solution:

    .Listeners(ls => {
    ls.Load.Handler = @"if (records.length > 0) {
  21. Thanks but it is a little much to implement right now. I went with the easy it in a different tab if it was IE:

    de.Click.ExtraParams.Add(new Parameter("containerId", "function...
  22. It works fine in Chrome. Just IE is an issue. Let me know if you can think of a work-around.
  23. I found an interesting behavior. When I stream a pdf to a tab panel, menus in the panel above do not float over the panel. Please see this screen shot:


    Is there any way to force the...
  24. Hopefully a quick question:

    How can I change the Group Header Text based on data in the recordset? Basically, I have a pivot table coming back from SQL and need to change the group headings on...
  25. I went around the issue (for now) by adding:

    .Listeners(ls =>
    ls.AfterRender.Delay = 250;
    ls.AfterRender.Handler =...
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