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  1. Ok, it works now.

    I installed Ext.Net through Visual Studio Marketplace. After creating an Ext.Net project upgrading to preview4.1 in the NuGet PackageManager made it work.

  2. Hi,

    Until now I only worked with Ext.Net 5.2 in 'ordinairy' webapplications and MVC websites.

    I wanted to try Ext.Net 7.0 for ASP.Net Core and followed the download and install process. ...
  3. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    I'm upgrading two different applications which contain the bufferedrenderer plugin. One with and one without the filters.

    For the one with the...
  4. Hi,

    I'm back to and upgrading some web applications from 3.3 to 5.0.

    About one change I have a question: how to replace the BufferedRenderer plugin.

    In 3.3:

  5. What a coincidence that I checked your website just today, after a long time.
    Great news!
    Just started to work on an upgrade of some older projects.

    I will wait for version 5 next week.
  6. Hi,

    Until the license policy was changed to a minimum of 5 developers I used Ext.Net in almost all my projects.
    I switched, like probably more developers, to Telerik. But I still prefer the...
  7. Hi Fabricio,

    Amazing that i still get a reaction on a thread i started in 2014.

    But for me, as a self employed developer requiring only a single user licence, the price of Ext.Net is far too...
  8. Hi,

    I'm starting up a new webapp that links to a seperate webapi for getting data, images and maps. User has to login via the webapp to the webapi.
    When starting up a new project in VS2015 a...
  9. Hello Daniil,

    All works well in IE 10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and the pc version of Safari.
    Apart from the panel-layout-problem in Edge I also found the same problem in Safari on an iPad....
  10. Hi,

    In vs2013 I am trying to test a webapplication with in MicroSoft Edge. I found some problems with the layout of panels.
    Is supporting Edge already?

  11. Hi Daniil,

    Changing parameter e.raw to makes it work again.
    I cannot remember why I used raw. Made it quite some time ago. Probably took it from an example.

  12. Hi,

    In version 2.5 I used a listener on a gridrow which under certain conditions calls a directmethod passing e.raw.
    This e.raw is not accepted anymore in the directmethod in version 3 (latest...
  13. Ok, but I thought that OnReadData works when the user clicks on a node in the treepanel. After the user clicks on a node the contents of the ChildNodes is filled and the node is expanded.
    What I'm...
  14. Hi,

    Is it possible to expand a treepanel to a node from the code behind?

    I have an application that stores the last node selection that a user has made in a database and I want to make the...
  15. Hi Daniil,

    Ok, so it's to adapt to web standards.
    I will leave the focus-boxes in my website.

    To adjust colors of the tabpanel-menus, the gridpanel-rows and their headers I change:

  16. I see that you added the SelectionChange listener to the rowselection example.

    But focussing to the selected record works...
  17. Hi Raphael,

    I tested your work-around with the selectionchange listener and the 'focusView'.
    That makes it work correctly.
    The selected row is shown now.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  18. Hi,

    When you select a row in a GridPanel a line is shown around the cell that is clicked.
    You can see it in the rowselection example:...
  19. Hi Raphael,

    Indeed I use single mode.

    I searched the examples for a JsonPProxy dataset and found one that I adjusted. I added a button to search for a record and it gives the same result as in...
  20. Hi,

    I'm upgrading my first website to version 3 and have the following issue:
    The website contains a gridpanel that is based on a store with an ext:JsonPProxy.
    Selections of rows (singel...
  21. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for your explanation.
    First about Ext.Net and performance on tablets:

    Users of the web sites i develop are more and more using iPads and i have adjusted the stylesheets...
  22. Hi,

    I read that:
    Ext.NET 3.0.0 is here with lots of new cool features and now with tablet support!

    But on your website I cannot find anything about the tablet support.
    In the examples I do...
  23. Hi Daniil,

    I adjusted the example
    First code block is with pagingToolbar
    Second code block is with infinite scrolling.

    Try 'load...
  24. Hi,

    Documentation ExtJs/Sencha:

    getTotalCount( ) : Number
    Returns the total number of Model instances that the Proxy indicates exist. This will usually differ from getCount when using paging -...
  25. Hi,

    I replaced this.getTotalCount() by this.getCount() and the results are displayed as they should be.
    So my problem is solved.

    However, it remains strange that getTotalCount() gives the...
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