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  1. I asked a few questions in this forum several times but got no answer so I had to remove this product of my project because it doesn't have good support
  2. Hi
    i am using linked combos for Country ,state and City like Sample code shown below. There is no problem loading the page but when we need fill combo with the previous values in update mode only...
  3. Does anyone have any idea to solve this problem?
  4. hi
    I want to use a grid by with dynamic column name and dynamic row name .Suppose we have some different customer and different food (the title of food change every day) and we want to...
  5. Hello @fabricio.murta
    thanks for replay but when i used this Way(using .Content() instead of .Items() ) with this code

  6. Hello
    i know a panel accept only as Item but is there a way to using Regular mvc Component like Html.EditorFor or telerik component as Item in ItemsPanel?
  7. hello
    I hope you get good results because i fall in deadlock.
    thank you
  8. Does anyone have an idea?if i cant collect itemsId in multiSelector in the model this will not usable for me.
  9. Hello Fabrício
    I apologize for the length of the Thread before anything.but it is Last question.
    As usual Mvc Grab the fields in View.for simple components like TextField and combo i used from...
  10. Hello Fabrício
    it Worked perfectly.
    You're Great.
    thank you so much
  11. Hello Fabrício
    I will wait because I am interested in this tool. I hope I can use it.I think it would be very useful for other developers too.
    Thank you for your time and consideration
  12. ok Excuse me.I am newcomer and I'll pay more attention.this pic display my problem Clearer25221
  13. Hello Fabrício
    i attach controller and view and Model because fourum does not permit rar and zip is very simple test That displays my problem.

    multiSelector is very Interesting tools I...
  14. Hello Fabrício
    Thank you very much for reply But i tried this way.but As i understood multiselectorSearch is only tools that get suggest me looking Grid Sample but it need to...
  15. Hello

    i want to Use a component that can select multi item and user can search between all items in model i found MultiSelector in Webform(aspx) but i cant Find any sample in mvc.
    with this...
  16. Hello Dear fabricio
    thanks for reply but i want to Show a message like Alert() but by is easy when a windows set up via normal page but when i try to call Child windows via Parent Windows...
  17. Hello to the masters

    i have a window that takes some information and when user submit this page the second Window come up and show message that operation is successful or no.
    i create window in...
  18. thanks it work with a little edition
  19. Hello Masters
    i have a Grid that display some data , i wanna pass id to HttpPost action when user select row and then click the Button.
    i wrote this code for button in cshtml

  20. Hello
    Thank you for your guidance.your Approach about filter work Properly.its Great but i have still two Question without answer
    1) how can i reload store in grid in server side Because i can do...
  21. hello sir
    very very tanks for reply
    finally i used from directmethod for pass data of textboxes .in this case passing data is correct and "name" and "number" parameter has textbox value but when i...
  22. Hello masters
    i am using Gridpanel in Mvc .i wanna filter grid via external Textbox and when i click the button under Grid mvc Grab data from external Text box in page and show final result in Grid....
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