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  9. How about running a timer on the client and polling the server every minute or so? I would not rely on any connection staying open for that long. Anywhere along pipeline, the connection could...
  10. Hi Vamsi. Can you provide a sample demonstrating as much of the scenario as possible? Once we see that sample and if there are specific issues or defects, we might be able to offer some suggestions. ...
  11. We are looking into the question.
  12. Thanks for letting us know. We will investigate and try to reproduce the issue.
  13. I see your new thread in the Premium forum, so it looks like you got it working.

    You should see Post New Thread button in the upper-left of the following page if you're a Premium member:...
  14. Hi Mikael. It would be best to explicitly pass the checkbox value into the DirectMethod.

    While the technique you are using should work on WebForms, it is not supported on MVC or the upcoming...
  15. We are not providing direct GitHub access any longer, but we can provide a .zip download of the project for you to build locally. Please send an email to with the request.

  16. All releases are available in the Ext.NET download Archive:

    If you run a project with Ext.NET installed, the css files are included as Embedded Resources...
  17. Hi @Richardt. The Ext.NET source code is no longer available.
  18. Can you check the Developer Tool Console in the browser to see if any JavaScript errors are being thrown? Any details you can provide that would help isolate the problem will be helpful.
  19. Thanks for providing the excellent samples. We will investigate and try to figure out what's going on here. Your code looks correct, so this should work as expected.
  20. Hi MidnightRiders. Thanks for the sample. This doesn't look like a straightforward task. It's going to take us more time to run some tests and try to come up with some options. We will post a...
  21. Thanks for the update. We will look into adding this records check to the SelectBox.
  22. Hi. Can you edit your original post and repaste with some code formatting? Please wrap the code samples in [CODE] tags.

    As well, please remove all code that is not required to demonstrate the...
  23. Ext.NET 2.x is no longer being updated, so no bug fixes or new releases.

    We will try to provide technical support when we can. If you have a specific technical support question and a code sample...
  24. Hi. Maybe the following question and my response could help with your scenario:

    We have the following...
  25. We're working to improve the API documentation, Tutorial, and Guides for the upcoming Ext.NET 6.0 release (ASP.NET Core 3), but for now, the Ext JS documentation is very helpful.

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