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  1. Hi . My friends , plz help me , i don't know What to do ?????
  2. Hi .
    How to show DesktopModule in Desktop control right side ??
  3. Hi .
    my friends in the "xtheme-gray.css" that exist in the source Ext when adding "direction:rtl;" to "x-grid3-row td, .x-grid3-summary-row td" and ".x-grid-panel .x-panel-mc .x-panel-body" , ...
  4. uploading xtheme-gray.css in below link
  5. Hi .
    when i set GridPanel text alignment "RightToLeft" after scrolling GridPanel, selecting a row from grid causes jumping columns to right and after several selecting i have no columns in page and...
  6. i want show jalali date(Persian date) in CalendarPanel for define event in it ....
  7. tanks dear
  8. pls see the link below :
  9. I want same DatePicker that show jalali(Persian) current day , in CalendarPanel same it show jalali current date and show jalali day's Month and ....
  10. what can i do for CalendarPanel that convert to persian date ???!!!!!
  11. i have a question :i don't have "onTriggerClick" in CalendarPanel , why ???
  12. That's work , very very very tanks dear
  13. i download from
  14. Tanks for reply ,
    when remove Singleton="true" , i get this error when create control datefield in dynamic page :"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this action"
  15. Hi .

    I have this problem , please help !!!????

    tanks .
  16. Hi

    dears , i have messge box when clicked delete btn but this not show in my IE and show in Firefox , Maybe help me ????
  17. very very tanks dear
  18. Tanks

    <script runat="server">
    protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.CalendarPanel1.EventStore = new EventStore { ID = "EventStore1" };

  19. Hi .
    tanks for ur reply , what do i do now until will come RC2 ???????
  20. Hi .

    Dears , I have CalendarPanel that fill from changed Combo in page , in code fetch 3 records and added in EventStore and run EventStore.DataBind() , but my Events Not show in CalendarPanel ,...
  21. Hi

    I have CalendarPanel in form , i wanting use Listeners for RangeSelect and write code in C# page , i don't know how to pass startdate and end date to C# page ????

  22. Tanks for ur replys

    in my page language is Persian and have to show Right to left , in my css file set direction: rtl ,in old Ver was right , but show all control to left now , what can i do...
  23. Find It , It's true :

    <ext:Viewport ID="ViewPort1" runat="server" Cls="ContainerPanel">


    <ext:FitLayout ID="FitLayout1" runat="server">

  24. Hi Freinds

    After change ver Coolite , doesn't work "Viewport" , it doesn't expand item in itself

    my code is :

    <ext:Viewport ID="ViewPort1" runat="server" Cls="ContainerPanel">
  25. Tanks all
    i don't Remove Ext ,It's true , Tanks
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