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  1. CalendarPanel Data was read from Database. When I added a data, I used CalendarPanel_DayClick function to add it into Database, So I need add data to CalendarPanel also. In GridPanel I use reload...
  2. We will meet this requiment anywhere.
    In C/S Application, I always deal with this as belows.
    1, Define two form: A.form and B.form, A.form have some business. B.form maybe have support some of...
  3. I have a page named A.aspx. In A.aspx I defined a <ext:window ID="win"> and set the autoUrl for win to B.aspx.
    When I call I do something in B.aspx. I need get the parameters in B.aspx...
  4. I need a TreePanel for some of the GridPanel's Column Editor.

    So I code it reference to

    And when I edit the TreePanel, I can set the...
  5. I am sorry, I can not understand what do you mean.
  6. I have more than 50 Columns in a GridPanel. When I want to config which column can show in the pages, I found I can not config next Column.
  7. OK. It work prefect.
    But I also want to know why it is wrong? Some bugs?
  8. And I want the first ext:RadioGroup which ID is "ApplyType" is the same with other which ID is "InputType"
  9. RadioGroup display different in IE9 and Chrome, and all are not I want.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" %>

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net" TagPrefix="ext"...
  10. Here is my understand:
    If I use Proxy in ext:Store, I can only call DataBind function in Store_RefreshData.
    I can not rebind data in other function. If I need rebind that, I can call reload...
  11. And then how can I reload the GridPanel's data in Rroxy code behind? Now I reset the DataBind in DirectMethord and reset the selected rows. I think maybe OnRefreshData handler reload the data.
  12. Yes,you are right,I forget updateSelection.
    But in my application I also can not set the selected rows after i call UpdateSelection function.
    And I compare the demo with the application carefully....
  13. I can set selected rows after DataBind when bind in Page_Load, but I can't set selected rows after DataBind when bind in DirectedMethord.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Register...
  14. Thank you for your replay.

    I believe this is the reason for this problem.

    But why JavaScript order not of C# code?

    for your advice,I have tried yet. But if I added SortInfo for a Store....
  15. Thank you for your reply,and I will join in the Premium in some time.
  16. Why nobody reply this thread?
  17. OK,Thank you, It worked as I expected.
    js file is not necessary.
    All properties must be seted code behiend.
    You can closed it. Thank you again.
  18. Another confused thing is that when I not use PageProxy in Stroe, the order will different with use it.
  19. I can not reappear the bugs in English datas.So I give you example with Chinese datas.
    Please pay attiton for the first page's group name and the second page's group name.
    In the first page,there...
  20. OK, I will try it tomorrow. Thank you very much and best wishes to you!
    And Could you help me some with another thread also about UserControl?
    If you are busy,please tell me if I can do that or can...
  21. You got the truth. I have not mark that file as an Embedded resources. I am sorry for that stupid question for a begineer.
    But all js error will not display. There is nothing display in the page...
  22. It is no error for the page after I added a js file in to page.
    And I changed cs file .

    using System;
    using Ext.Net;

    namespace CQU.Net.UserCenter.UX
  23. GridPanel with Group may have some bugs about sort.
    I use GridPanel for display datas in database, and I need this data grouped when displayed.
    Also I used proxypage for the stroe to page the data...
  24. Here is my file path tree of the solution.
  25. the decoded url is "pExt.Net.UX|Ext.Net.UX.Extensions.ComboTree.resources.ComboTree.js"

    Ext.Net.UX is a assembly dll.But I do not know why there is a 'p' before the url?

    Is it necessary to set...
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