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  1. I have a datefield object, with a 'Select' directevents, how can I make that event only run when manually selecting a date? and AVOID it being executed from the codebehind by assigning it a value,...
  2. thanks! this worked
  3. Hi

    How to hide the dividing lines of the gridpanel rows?

  4. 25506

    in attached image, for example the selected radio 'Inactivo' has a gray color, how can I change it color?

  5. sorry I should have created another thread

    Thank you very much Fabricio! with that I solved this case
  6. Hi !

    How can I change the color of the selected radius point?

  7. Hi!

    How can I remove the gray border from a textfield and only leave the bottom border blue?

    I am using the Crisp theme

  8. Is it possible to Hide the drop down list of a combo box? and that I can identify the elements when writing, is that possible?

  9. Very good, the information is very complete, it has been very useful, I will choose option 1, thank you very much Fabricio
  10. Yes that is an example that meets my requirement, with that expression I can capture abc or jko. That works in the regex property, but not in the maskre property, what is the difference between...
  11. the following expression works for me but only if I assign it to the regex property, how can I get it to work for me in maskre?

  12. MaskRe="[/abc/, /jko/]"

    But it doesn't work for me, it accepts abc, bca, ccc, ooo, etc.

    I need it accept 'abc' and 'jko' strictly in that order
  13. How can I specify specific words in the MaskRe property of a textfield?

    For example, it only accepts: 'word1', 'word2' and 'word3'

  14. excellent, it works with .x-docked-summary

  15. Hello in the following example:

    How can I apply css styles only to the last line of grand totals?
  16. Hi!

    I need your valuable help, I am using the Cell Editing plugin of the GridPanel using textfields in each cell,
    this corresponds to the example:

  17. That's right, the example doesn't work for me, I investigated and found something that works for me, they are the following two lines, to expand and collapse respectively:

  18. I have a gridpanel with grouping, how can I expand/collapse using a radiobutton? I'm trying to use the example below, and it doesn't work for me:
  19. perfect! yes that helps me,

  20. thanks, i am using in the following example:

    I can't find the editable property on the column

  21. Hi! I have a question about the "cell editing" example:

    1. How can I enable / disable editing for each column?

    For example, if the gridpanel has 5 columns, enable editing in column 1 and 3 and...
  22. I have defined the following CSS styles:

    /* cabecera del las columnas del grid*/
    .x-column-header {
    border-right: 1px solid #cfcfcf;
    color: #666;
  23. It is correct, we are defining <sessionState cookieless = "true" /> in the webconfig, I appreciate the help, we will review our project to see what we can do
  24. yes that's right,

    any suggestion?

  25. Thanks Geoffrey !, I followed your suggestions and found the problem and the temporary solution, the problem is the url, we use the following format:...
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