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  1. ext.window re-size not working in IE8. Is there any solution for this?

  2. I set autoscroll true in ext.window. But it is not working in IE 8. I'm using version 1.7

  3. Any suggestion?
  4. Here my code. Why this grid panel not re size when browser window resize

    <ext:GridPanel ID="GridPanel1" runat="server" Title="" Height="370" StripeRows="true">
  5. In my requirement there is no button click event. I want to handle when page load.

  6. I have a requirement show hide checkboxselectionmodle according to user level. How can i do this?


  7. Any Idea about this issue?
  8. Hi all, I'm getting "Cannot deserialize the current JSON object (e.g. {"name":"value"}) into type 'Ext.Net.SelectedRowCollection' because the type requires a JSON array (e.g. [1,2,3]) to deserialize...
  9. How i clear CheckboxSelectionModel in java script? any idea??

  10. <ext:Panel ID="PanelViewUserDetails" runat="server" Border="false" Header="false"
    Padding="10" Layout="Form" BaseCls="row clear">
  11. Hello,

    After i update the form panel, when i load it again, i can see my previous values there. after few seconds correct values load again. I'm new to controls. How i refresh this before...
  12. I've solved this problem adding this.CheckboxSelectionModel1.ClearSelections();

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  13. Hi,

    In my application i delete selected items when hit update button. When i add this item again, selection model still says it has 1 selected item. I guess when i hit the update, selection model...
  14. This can be resolved increasing DirectEventConfig timeout property. For more information Read
  15. This can be resolved by increasing DirectEventConfig timeout. Read more
  16. Hello,

    I upgraded version 1.2 to 1.7. but it will gives errors when page load.

    Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=,...
  17. not from server side. i need javascript one.

  18. Hi, I'm new to, can anyone tell me how to get selected tows CheckboxSelectionModel?

  19. Thanks Daniil,

    Highly appreciate your help. It's working.

    Thanks again.
  20. Hi all,

    In my grid panel , if user select all check boxes, i want to show confirmation message. If not i don't need to show it. Please guide me how to do this.

    here my code

  21. Hi everyone,

    I got transaction aborted error message when my grid panel load. But sometimes it works correctly.
    What would be the reason?

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