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  1. Thanks for the help. We have moved the form tag to cover only the FileUploadField and the case is solved!

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" %>

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net"...
  2. Thank you Geoffrey and Fabricio for the prompt reply and detailed testing!

    I just checked my sample and notice that I oversimplified it. I have tried to comment out the fileUploadField in the...
  3. Hello!

    We are using version 4.8.3 of

    When the child iframe called the directmethod of the parent, the page_load in the child page was triggered. But when I downgraded to version 4.2,...
  4. Hello!

    We are using version 4.8.3 of After updating to iOS 13, the iPad default shows the desktop website version for all websites. We found out that the checkbox control is not working...
  5. I have use 1.x version AddRecord in code behind, which the record is marked as "created" when retrieved through "Store.getChangedData()". Are there any method to mark the record as "created" for...
  6. Thanks fabricio.murta,

    I have add the following blur handler in the combobox, you could close the case.

    var blurHandler = function(cbx){
    if(cbx.selection == null)
  7. Dear Support,

    Are there any property or method that could force the combobox to select the last selected item when it is empty?

  8. Thanks for your suggestion, we experience this when the app is run in debug mode/local iis.
    But when we published to the server, it seems to run smoothly. You can close the case.
  9. Please take a look at the video below, I pressed "r" continuously once I have refreshed the page:

    It takes less than 3 seconds to load, but takes another 4 sec until...
  10. As it is our corporate policy to view all the intranet websites in compatibility mode, we have tested that in general, run relatively slow when using compatibility mode in ie11.

    Would you...
  11. Dear Support,

    We experienced slow performance using IE11 when frame mode loader was used.

    Below is a simple example to illustrate. User will not be able to key in the first focus field smoothly...
  12. thx.
    Look forward to the good news!
  13. Sorting is nice for some cases while custom order is useful for other cases, e.g. size in following sample .

    It would be nice if a...
  14. My premium support was just resumed and the post was moved by Geoffrey.

    Thx for your prompt reply. Really impressed!
  15. Is there any config to sort options for ListFilter?

    Here is an example that the Company options, which orders same as data.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Import...
  16. Hi,

    When using command handler to remove record in the gridPanel (Store.remove(record)),
    Runtime error:'' is null or not an object prompts.
    But no error prompts when the autoheight...
  17. hi support,

    could you reproduce the same problem?
  18. Deleted Deleted
  19. please help
  20. Dear Support,

    It was failed to move the cursor in textarea/textfield in EditableGrid with mouse if using Firefox. You may use Firefox to access the sample page
  21. Thx a lot :
  22. How to get TaskManager in JS
  23. as titled

    IsDirty() was not able to detect the change in editing cell. pls advice

    In TabPanel Page

    function beforeTabChange(tabPanel, newTab, currentTab) {
  24. Object required ext.axd?v=1840, line 493 character 118 prompted

    it seems the error caused by value db or html is null

  25. Dear Support,

    please advise to fix this issue.

    <ext:Panel runat="server" Layout="FitLayout" AnchorHorizontal="98%" Border="false"
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