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  1. Would be great to have an 2.0 data grid with live search in the demo of examples section similar to this:

  2. Thank You Geoffrey! I know you and the team are working hard and will do the right thing for the community users. We are excited about the product and look forward to having a downloadable community...
  3. Gary -

    I posted a private conversation message to you - read when you have a moment.
  4. Seriously team - I can't believe you would make a community user go through all this trouble to compile the files when you can easily make it available on the download page as you currently...
  5. My ext net friends,

    This was so frustrating for me to not get these files fixed by request.

    Seems that our support team friends are very busy these days. That being the case - I've...
  6. This is not isolated. I hope the ExtJS team can recognize that the files located on the server for community edition both w/ and without source are corrupted.

    I would recommend that they have...
  7. Hi,

    The community version 1.0 rc1 contains this bug. I'm getting on the multiheader filter the same results when using the example.

    see image in this link to view the screenshot that I also...
  8. Looks like the file is now fixed.
    I just successfully re-downloaded and decompressed without any errors.

    Thank you Vladmir!
  9. Hi Vladmir,

    Thank you for taking a look at this. I've tried both IE 8 and Firefox 3.x with the same result. I've even tried to use an alternate unzipping program like winzip and had the same...
  10. Hi,

    Has anyone attempted to re-download and successfully extract the community version from the download page recently? (

    How to reproduce:

    Download any version...
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