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  1. I'm using this css to change the appearance of the fieldset title:

    .x-fieldset-header-text {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #01164b;
    font-size: 11pt;
  2. How to change the background color or image of a button?
  3. Didn't work, pal.



    The color only changes in the cornersin a strange way... And when the mouse is over the tab the color disappears.

    See what i've done:
  4. How to change the background color of a button and tabpanel's tab (in red in the picture below)? Tried to use firebug to figure it out without success.

  5. How to change the font color and size of a single button? I managed to change it globally with the css class ".x-btn button". But what if i want to change it for just a single button in a page?

  6. Backspace won't fire keypress event under IE.
    Any workaround?
  7. When i deserialize my store data when sent back to server, it has an extra field , named "id" that has conflict with my fields, i guess it's the grid's row id. The problem is that my class also has...
  8. Tried it without success. A new group is still created with the same id of an existing one. Any other suggestions?
  9. Thanks, worked fine.
  10. We used the following layout for most of our CRUD screens:

    <form id="Form2" runat="server">
    <ext:ResourceManager ID="ResourceManager" runat="server" />
  11. Whenever i insert an item in a grouped grid, instead of adding it to the correct group, it creates a new group with the item.
    How to make the item be added to it's correct group?


  12. When a frame is shown into a window or panel in Ipad's Safari i can't scroll it's content.
    Please check The content of "IFrame Panel" can't...
  13. Hi Daniil,

    Understood, it would really be expensive to send the store to the server on every postback, but please consider creating a way to ease the process in a way that the developer wouldn't...
  14. To read grids values posted back to the server, we do the following:

    Put this javascript in the event that will cause the postback, i.e. button click:

    <ext:Button ID="btExcluir"...
  15. How can i detect which trigger was clicked in a triggerfield with multiple triggers into the "TriggerClick" direct event?
  16. How can i remove the ":' from all textfields fieldlabels in my site?
  17. In fact the control that has the directmethod is placed inside another custom control that is actually in the master page.. Could it be it? Since the control is not directly added to the aspx it's...
  18. 'ctl00' is autogenerated, i guess it is because of the masterpage.
    If i use static id i get the same error, without the ctl00 "The control with ID 'HelpWindowViewer' not found".
  19. Forgot to say, the custom control uses javascript class where the directmethod is called, like:

    HelpViewer = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    loadRecords: function() {
  20. I'm getting an error when putting a directmethod in a custom control as described in
    The procedure worked for another control, but this one is causing an...
  21. Can i put directmethods only within user controls or i can put them in custom controls as well?
  22. Hi Geoffrey,

    I know, in 4 i could solve this using clientidmode = static for example. Just was not sure how to do the same in coolite, but already figured it out.

    That's what i did:

  23. Are you talking about clientidmode from 4.0 or an property?
    Where can i set this?
  24. I use Page.X()... to dinamically create a window with a grid inside. When the page doesn't have a master page it works normally. When i use a masterpage, i get javascript errors saying that the store...
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