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  1. Hi,

    I have tried assigning the color : red to the label. that too is not working.
  2. Hi,

    I tried the same code which you have given, still it is not changing the style after the button click.
  3. Hi,

    It is not working for me. I have attached the sample project with this post. please check and tell me what is wrong.

  4. Hi Daniil,

    i tried the same code what you have given. but still it is not working for me. Im using IE 7 for my testing. This is my code

    <%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false"...
  5. Hi,

    I need to add customized CSS dynamically through code behind. Im trying with the following code, but it is not working correctly. On click event of a button, i have to change the CSS for the...
  6. Hi,

    I have an issue with paging on grid load. I am specifying the page size, but still it is loading all the records on first time grid_load.

    <%@ Page Language="VB"...
  7. Hi,

    i am creating a panel dynamically and attaching controls to it dynamically, if i set a property as .AutoScroll=true, it doesnot show a scrollbar.

    what is that i can use instead?
  8. Hi Friends

    I am using a Regex for validating 2 decimals in a

    The Regex is displaying the red line in the no field if there is error in the digits entered but it is not...
  9. Hi,

    I found that the same alignment issues exist with IE8 also, please let me know what is the solution for this.

  10. Hi,

    I have an editable gridpanel, where some of the columns have editable textboxes.
    When the textbox has values such as " " (2 blank spaces) coming from database, the alignment of editable...
  11. Hi,

    When I profile my application with YSlow, it is recommending to combine the javascrips into 1 file.

    Grade B on Make fewer HTTP requests

    This page has 6 external Javascript scripts. Try...
  12. I strongly agree that EXT.NET team is doing wonderful job. I just reviewed Ext JS 3.3 new features, I could not really find strong reasons to update Ext.NET to new version. I think only Ext.NET can...
  13. The only reason we take update from SVN is to fix defects. We take svn update only if EXT.NET tell us to get to resolve the reported defect. Our QA team will find several defects elsewhere in the...
  14. Agreed. We need to have release to communicate to senior management as well.

    Coolite Team,
    Thank you very much for all good work. Can you please provide your responses for below questions.
  15. Hi,

    Please let us know the 1.0 release date. Here are the problems we are having with constant SVN updates.

    1. When ever we took new update from SVN, we had several UI issues. We had fixed...
  16. Guys,

    Any date on 1.0 release date? You guys are keep on updating to latest versions of extjs and creating several UI alignment issues. This is absolutely ridiculous and may not be better way to...
  17. Please, find the code which is in the below text attachment.

    Let me know if you have any issues in implementing it...
  18. The grid panel column and its renderer in aspx page.

    <ext:Column ColumnID="LunchcolumnItem" Header="Lunch" DataIndex="Lunchflag" Sortable="true"
    <Renderer Fn="lunchloaddata" />...
  19. Hi,

    I have a grid panel which is having colums. On click of column of any row i am showing an icon in the column. Based on the icon i am updating some value in the database. Now the data is...
  20. Hi,

    I have wrapped the code inside the Code Tags..
  21. I have wrapped the code inside the code tags..
  22. Hi,

    I need to add the box label dynamically for the radiobutton inside a radiogroup. But when i try to add the value, instead of replacing the current box label, it is getting appended with the...
  23. Hi,

    I am unable to get the checkeditems values of the radiogroup which is placed inside an user control. This is my scenario,

    I have an usercontrol "Sample.ascx" which has radiogroup items...
  24. Hi,

    I need to display the messages into several lines in Message Box. This is the code we are using to display it. Currently it is displaying in 2 lines. But We need that messages as line by...
  25. 1)I have dynamically generated a window(W1) in A.aspx page and loading B.aspx page inside W1.Now there is a window(W2) that pops out inside B.aspx. But W2 is getting displayed inside W1 only. I...
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