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  1. Hi Baidaly, yes i tried this command a lot of time as i mentioned above.

    Hi geoffrey, i am using Package Manager with several library it works successfully my version is "2.2.40116.9051" and it...
  2. Hi, when i try to install latest version with "Install-Package Ext.NET" it raises a errror that

    Install-Package : '2.1.1-PREVIEW' is not a valid version string.
    Parameter name: version
  3. Hi Vladimir, i add one control to composite control because i summarize the code before it will be posted.
    I add an gridpanel, but when i resize the window or bind data to store, it couldn't be...
  4. I think composite controls dont effect the scrollbar area, i wrap the textfiled with a composite control, horizantal scrollbars doesn't seam properly. Look at the attachment please.

    <%@ Page...
  5. Thanks but it smells a bug, when i set to Layout="Fit" property for Form panel, i expect same result.
    Padding="10" or BodyStyle="padding:10px;" set only left and top padding, when scroll bar is...
  6. Hi guys;
    I just upgrade to 1.0RC from 0.82, I realize that "AutoScroll" property of Form Panel doesn't work correctly. Did anyone solve this issue.
    I minimized the problem in TestPage.aspx, thanks...
  7. Is there anyone catch this issue, or i'm lonely in coolite world :)
  8. Windows7 Ultimate and IE8 (no toolbar installed)
  9. Hi Everybody;

    I have a lot of combo on my page. First of all, if the count of combobox items is less than the any threshold(approximately 100) there is no problem in the view, but if count is over...
  10. Thanks cobiscorp; it works for me too. But dont need to <ext:ScriptContainer runat="server" /> this line if your page contains scriptmanager.
  11. Hi cobiscorp;
    How did you solve it, Setting ajaxmethod Timeout properrty didn't affect my solution, always being 30 second(default) when i set it 120000
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