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  1. Hi
    I'm very glad to hear that! Thank you!
    Any idea how many weeks in to the future this might be?

  2. Hi
    Ok, too bad. I'm going to stick to the version 3 for a while.

  3. Hi
    I have noticed a problem with the arrow that is attached to the tooltip when using the Anchor property. When hovering the mouse over the div the first time the tooltip looks good, the next time...
  4. Hi!
    Good that you where able to reporoduce it. In my case I need it to be a direct method as I want call it from client side aswell. So Im going to stick with the delay property.
    Thanks for your...
  5. This now works, I re installed Ext. Maybe something where wrong with the installation.

  6. Hi
    The problem is that if I remove the Delay="1", the message in the messagebox:

    X.Msg.Alert("Status", String.Format("Value change event checkbox = {0}",chbDelete.Checked)).Show();
    shows the...
  7. Hi
    I can´t get this simple example to work from the Examples explorer. What is wrong?
    All I get is an client side error message "Error during uploading"

    Best regards
    Mikael J

    <%@ Page...
  8. Hi
    I have encountered an old defect that is should have been fixed in version 2, but now appears in version 3.3.
    See old thread...
  9. Hi
    Sorry about missing to provide the declaration for the Combo class, it looks like this

    public class Combo
    public string ID { get; set; }
    public string Name { get; set; }
  10. Hi
    Im migrating some code från 1.x to 3.2. And I ran into some problems.
    I have a combobox that I load up in PageLoad(), and I also set the SelectedItem of it in PageLoad().
    Then I have a function...
  11. Thread: License upgrade

    by Jurke
  12. Hi again
    I would really appreciate an answer on this, because Im not able to continue my upgrade to 2.5.

    Thank you.

    Best regards
  13. Here is a full code example, I also wonder why the ComboBox becomes multiselect? I have not set multiselect="true". I noticed that If I remove the code "cbProjekt.SelectedItems.Add(listProjekt[1]);"...
  14. Hi

    I have some 1.7 code that don't run good in 2.5

    I have a ComoBox that I set SelectedItem in PageLoad like this:

    if (!X.IsAjaxRequest)
  15. I have run some more tests and I Think that Ext is not optimize for IE11 when it comes to render "large" amounts of html, or so it seems.
    If I narrow the selection that renders the html the site...
  16. Hi
    I have now tested it in Chrome, and it loads up i 1 sec, which is good.
    I mainly use IE11 and there it takes 7-8 sec.

  17. Hi
    I have beeen running from the 0.7 version (coolite), and upgraded to 1.7, and now I have tried to upgrade one
    project to 2.5. In 1.x the loading time was 1 sec in development, faster on...
  18. The official is good for me.
  19. Hi,
    Where do I download the latest release of 1.x?

  20. Ok, thanks.
  21. Is there a tutorial or som pointer to look at when convertin 1.x to 2.x?
    Best regards
  22. Great thanks!
  23. Thanks, but is there a way to get the total number of pages from the paging toolbar? client or server doesnt matter.
  24. Hi
    Im trying to get the Gridpanel to automatically change page (im using the PagingToolbar). I use a timer that set uses the SetPageIndex of the PagingToolbar, but I also need the total number of...
  25. Thank you for your help!
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