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  1. Hello @John_Writers!

    Unfortunately Ext.NET 3.x has reached end of life and won't be getting further updates. You should upgrade to latest if you want to be able to keep upgrading web browsers and...
  2. Hello @mkomiyama, and welcome to Ext.NET!

    Have you tried adding AllowNull="true" to your ext:ModelField lines?

    Here's a discussion that may interest you (although it is related to charts, it...
  3. Hello @Dennis, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    I see by your second and third screenshot an issue that doesn't look like something related to Ext.NET, but by some kind of mishap with ASP.NET...
  4. Hello, @muhammadantoniussony!

    Glad you could find a solution for the issue you faced, and thanks for sharing it. We really appreciate it!
  5. Hello @muhammadantoniussony, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    I have edited your message to wrap the code block in

    I see your code sample is not something I can just copypaste and run on...
  6. Hello Bob!

    Great news! Glad you could find at least a way to get on rails with that issue. Seems our everlasting thread has come to a (temporary?) end!

    Don't hesitate to let us know if there's...
  7. Hello Bob!

    It would make sense to have the event called when creating the first tab. But there's more to it, I'll explain last.

    In the other hand, beforeshow and activate events are being...
  8. Hello again, Bob!

    Sorry for insisting with that and thanks for the feedback!

    Use the App.mainTabPanel.getTabBar().items.each(function(tab) { console.log(; }); command I shared two...
  9. Hello Bob!

    This is just a guess by what you just said in the last post, but I believe you may be "barking at the wrong tree".

    This issue shouldn't be happening in the first place, other...
  10. Hello again, Bob!

    Fiddling with a simple tab panel where I gave it the id mainTabPanel, I could get the list of IDs of the panels (that can be used to select the specific tabs) via:

  11. Hello @sphere!

    Any news on that?

    If you catch this happening again, check in developer tools, network tab, how responses for the other Ext.NET resources are returned. I believe when that...
  12. Hello Bob! I will try to answer by quoting some parts of your last two posts, hope it results in a clear response. :)

    Okay, I just hope you understand how difficult it is for us to help when...
  13. Hello once again, Susan!

    As we logged a feature request, we will keep the 'open' tag in the thread until we respond it with the feature implemented. So we don't forget to leave feedback once it is...
  14. Hello again, Susan!

    Ext.NET 7 could get this feature at some point but the initial release is focused in properly implementing Ext JS framework and all development Ext.NET includes. So, for...
  15. Hello Susan!

    I took a look at the matter but I'm afraid a substantial development of the feature would need to take place before this can be achieved. If you are looking for means to get started,...
  16. Hi Susan!

    Why, isn't deactivating the filter exactly what you want? If you de-tick the checkbox in the filter's menu?

    Or do you want this to allow the user to select all and deselect just what...
  17. Hello @sphere, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    For the description you provided it seems there's an issue with IIS10's authentication.

    Can you check your */ext.axd path in httpHandlers section...
  18. Hello @HoangThang!

    For now, you can use a generic/bare ext-component for that:

    <ext-component html="<div>Want to add HTML here</div>" />
  19. Just a little follow-up for your last post, Bob.

    About your misuploaded file, the file should be deleted in one hour after it is uploaded if it is not posted/referenced in any post. So by now it...
  20. Hello Bob!

    Sorry, even with the screenshot I am not sure I understand how to reproduce this issue.

    The dashed box around the tab name means a "focus" visual feedback some themes feature. You...
  21. Hello Bob!

    I have tried to put together a sample given your description, using the shell code you provided and script you provided, and it works just right.

    Scenario 1
    1. Open tab 1 (made a...
  22. Hello Martin!

    Thanks for the report, we identified the issue and fixed it; should work for you now.

    For the record, the example we're talking about should be: Events > DirectEvents > Duration...
  23. Hello @Z!

    Thanks for the pointer! We have fixed the example.

    It seems there's an issue with the repository publish procedure that silently skips some new examples' files in the sync process.
  24. Hello @bbros! Thanks for giving Ext.NET a try!

    You trying to "port" the sample from the "RazorPages" model as I provided to the classic Razor MVC model? In other words, trying the same page with a...
  25. And once more, hello!

    Another quick workaround for that is to use just none as the chart's Background color. This should work for the "long term" (across versions) too.

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