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  1. Fabricio, sorry for the delay in response.
    Your solution works perfectly - You can mark this as RESOLVED ( CLOSED)

    I am slowly getting the gist of these layouts - makes sense that the Parent...
  2. Desculpa Fabricio,

    Yes, you guys can mark this as closed. (This upgrade from v1.2 to v4.2 can get kind of hectic, I did not keep up with the forum)

    In response to the last...
  3. Fabricio, thanks for your detailed answers.
    I think I'm getting the gist of it now.

    One thing we did discover is that now the JS framework has both a <Paramaters> and a <Baseparameters> for...
  4. We are upgrading a major project from ver 1.2 to current 4.2

    I realized that i needed to quickly search for a specific item thru all change logs and breaking changes for all versions.
    So I...
  5. Your sample for setting a "ROWS" layout with VBoxLayout is shown below, It Works Fine.

    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" />

  6. I'm submitting a cleaned-up/simple Master pages running sample taken from project that I am updating from (v1.2 to v4.2)

    This Post is related to these other forum posts:

    Master Page with...
  7. fabricio
    Thank you for your quick reply and invaluable help.

    I knew I was doing something wrong. After following your advise/recommendations, the above sample worked perfectly (as expected).

  8. Not sure what happened to picture Attachments in the previous post

    Expected Results

    Actual Results
  9. Continuing with the Vertical Height problems discussed in Post:
    FitLayout Content not stretching

    On that Post I received the following Response/Explanation:

    So I've gone ahead and tried to...
  10. Fabricio,
    Thank you for your quick reply.

    You pointed me to a FITLAYOUT Container example when I was trying to point (as the old forum post did) to a BORDERLAYOUT Parent element and its CENTER...
  11. What is the 4.2 version of the fix for this old Forum Post.

    Master Page with ContentPlaceHolder FitLayout Content not stretching
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