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    My team is also working with Sencha CMD doing a custom theme. That program...
  2. Hi all

    Well, I have the following problem:
    I have an app with a tipical login and I save the session vars in server with HttpContext (HttpContext.Current.Session["user"]...).
    Client saves...
  3. Works!

    I had to do little changes in my code:

    .PostParams(p => {
    p.Add(new Parameter ( "ResourceID" , "", ParameterMode.Raw...
  4. Hi all !

    Well, I´m trying to do the same but in MVC 3.2.1, I don´t know how to read the

    My code looks like this:

  5. Pffff

    Only 2 simple changes and it works.....magic!. I feel so useless :D

    Thanks very much Daniil ^^
  6. Hello

    I'm another newbie that tries to learn Ext.Net.
    I need load a gridpanel from a datetable and I'd like to try an easy example first like this:...
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