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  1. try this

    <ext:Panel runat="server" ID="ImagePanel" Cls="images-view" Frame="true" AutoHeight="true"
    Width="535" Collapsible="true" Layout="Fit" Title="Simple DataView (0 items...
  2. u need to
    add one listner to the selection modal of grid1
    <RowSelect Handler="GridPanel2.getStore().add(record);" />
  3. <head id="Head1" runat="server">
    <title>Untitled Page</title>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var Spa = {
    getWindow : function() {
  4. You cant get code for RemoteService.asmx because its an web service
  5. hey go through this link ull get the solution how to bind
  6. Do you want some thing like this?
    when i click on any date it should open up a window?
  7. Hi vaishali

    Yeah the above code is same

    but add remove validation code

    protected void CheckUserName(object sender, RemoteValidationEventArgs e)
  8. Hi vaishali

    use the below code

    <ext:Window ID="winUserManager" runat="server" Height="454" Width="644" Hidden="true"
    Resizable="false" InitCenter="true">
  9. Hi vaishali

    Just send me your frmUserManager panel code
  10. Hi vaishali
    No it will not work..Because prepare toolbar is an renderer function which is called on each row of the same as databound event in asp grid
    So what u can do is
    If u have any...
  11. ohh i thought you must be having different columns for each command
  12. and to change the tool tip

    u have to add

    <ToolTip Text="Show Details" />

    in side the command column
  13. Hi vaishali

    To hide a column u have to write on server side

    gridpanel1.ColumnModel.SetHidden(7, True) :-7 is the indiex of the column and set true false to hide and show
  14. Techworld softwares Adajan
  15. Any Time
    Hey u work in kintu designs rite?
    M also working in surat itself
  16. Hi vaishali

    all u have to do is add a listner on click button of save

    <ext:Button ID="btnSave" runat="server" Icon="Disk" Text="Save">
  17. ohhh object instance..
    hmmm at-last the problem is solved
  18. Hi vaishali

    I haven't figured out your problem..but i was going through your code
    I found out that u have to add GridPanel3.getStore().getRowsValues() instead of GridPanel3.getRowsValues()

  19. Hi vaishali

    Do one thing

    Send me all your code except your confidential code
    your aspx code and code behind code

    ill check it out
  20. Hi

    How many records are there inside the grid from which u want to save the data?
  21. HI
    Yeah its because when you use list dictionary for record values,it will work fine, if you'll have only column
    Bt if u have more than one column in the grid,then this will not work
    So the...
  22. HI

    I guess ur logic for list dictionary will not work for the above problem..
    Try solution given by me will work 100%..You just need to access the records value by specifying the key in...
  23. Hi vaishali

    I worked on your code
    Every thing is perfect except the extra param passed will be

    <ext:Button ID="btnSaveService" runat="server" Text="Save" Icon="Disk">
  24. Hi vaishali

    Yeah sure ill help you..wait m working on with it
  25. Hi

    your most welcome
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