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  1. Hi. Are there any samples in the Examples Explorer that demonstrate something similar to your requirements?
  2. Hi. Could you edit your original post and re-paste your code samples with proper indentation and formatting? Posting your code samples within [CODE] tags will apply syntax highlighting.
  3. How about setting the .Html property of a Panel?
  4. Hi. Please edit your post above and re-post your code with proper formatting. You can wrap your code samples in [CODE] tags.
  5. Looks like this has something to do with a DirectMethod. Any chance you could help us isolate a sample that demonstrates how to reproduce?
  6. Answered on StackOverflow.
  7. As mentioned by Fabricio above, configuring an <ext:Window> is your best bet for that scenario.
  8. Thanks for providing the code sample. What responsive changes to the interface would you like to see occur?

    In Fabricio's response above he linked to a sample demonstrating a ResponsiveConfig,...
  9. I don't believe the HtmlEditor supports this type of functionality.
  10. Hi cslocus,

    Can you post what you have working so far? Please post inside of [CODE] tags.
  11. Unfortunately, not enough information was provided in order for us to properly reproduce the problem.

    I'm closing the thread but we will reopen if a simplified and self contained sample is...
  12. I moved your thread to the Premium forum and your account has been upgraded to a Premium member.

    We will investigate your original question and post a response soon.
  13. Hi dnakorea. Can you share the files from your version of the MVC Feedviewer sample that you have been working on? Is there a specific issue where your sample is failing?
  14. Hi johnb,

    The scrollbars are being rendered by the browser, so I don't think there are many options. Depending on the browser, I believe css can modify some properties, such as colour, but to the...
  15. Hi Vamsi. Please edit your previous posts in this thread and wrap the code samples in [CODE] tags as well as format the indentation of the code samples. That will help make the code sample much more...
  16. Ext.NET 5.0 has been released. More details in the blog post announcement.
  17. Ext.NET 5.0 final has been released.

    Official blog post announcement at...
  18. Ext.NET 5.0.0-preview is now available for download or install via NuGet. More details in the blog post announcement.
  19. Hi. Thanks for the sample. Give us a little time to review the scenario and we'll propose some optimizations.
  20. We are investigating this issue and trying to determine when this change in functionality was introduced. A fix or work-around should be available soon. Any revisions will be including the 4.8.3...
  21. The License Agreement plus the supplemental FAQ are the best documents to answer your questions.

    I will highlight one section of the FAQ that should be of particular interest to you:

  22. Hi. The Ext.NET 5.0.0-preview release is now available, see

    You can also download directly from...
  23. Ext.NET for .NET Core will likely be released as Ext.NET 6.0, but that is still not 100% confirmed.

    Anyone purchasing the new Ext.NET 5 Pro license will receive a free upgrade to Ext.NET for .NET...
  24. Ext.NET 5.0.0-preview is now available for download or install via NuGet. More details in the blog post announcement.

    Single Developer licensing is back!

    We're excited to also include the new...
  25. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the excellent sample demonstrating the issue. We will investigate right away.
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