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  1. Hello again, Craig!

    We didn't receive a follow-up from our last posts but I'll leave a few leads here for some other alternatives based on the current supported implementation of partial views in...
  2. Hello @josephmkchan!

    Your example is quite extensive and hard to follow. Would you take your time to review our threads on tips to make posts that can get best help from? Basically it is all about...
  3. Notwithstanding, we have just logged issue #1848 to track the missing CheckColumn.Editable config.

    We'll post follow-ups here as each issue gets implemented.
  4. Hello @bbros!

    You can always just specify the editor no matter what to follow a pattern. The only reason the check column does not require an editor is because the component it displays the...
  5. Hello @IbrahimLopez, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    The FileUploadField is rooted in the <input type="file"> HTML element. Just like that, you can enable multiple files selection. It may be...
  6. Hello @dnakorea!

    This is not supported automatically (implicitly converting to/from values), you should convert the enum to/from its numeric or string representation from code behind or by using...
  7. Hello again, @bbros!

    Glad you could find with intellisense just with the tip we provided.

    But it does not look great, does it? In markup, you can use:

    - x-editable="true" (would be a string,...
  8. Hello again, @bbros!

    In code behind, you have CustomConfig to use. How does the code to add the column look like at your side? In case you can't figure out how to use CustomConfig from code behind...
  9. Hello Dan,

    Thanks for the feedback, and glad you could have it working in the end.
  10. Hello @aliabdulla!

    Thanks for the test case, I could reproduce the issue. In fact, to reproduce it I could just try to give any ext:GridCommand component a tooltip from markup, in the GridPanel >...
  11. Hello @aliabdulla!

    In our tests here, if we provided a time to a field, the server would receive the time we filled in. In case you can draw a simplified and runnable test case reproducing the...
  12. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback!
  13. Thanks for the feedback, glad we could ultimately help you on the inquire!
  14. Hello again, Dan! Glad you could come down to a solution that worked for you.

    Yes, findRecord() belongs to the store. Whenever a record is ready in the store this method should be able to find...
  15. Hello @bbros!

    Just add x:raw-editable="true" to the check column and it should "magicallY" become editable.

    You may want to check out the corresponding v5 example using this feature for any...
  16. Hello @josephmkchan!

    What about this:

    <%@ Page Title="Inbound Tracker" Language="C#" %>

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  17. Hello again, @dnakorea!

    I apologize for missing the main point here; at some point I removed the Ext.NET components from the inner page and that just worked as-is. Adding them back reproduced the...
  18. Hello @aliabdulla!

    I am afraid at some point in your code you are treating dates as GMT and other points as local time. You should settle at one for consistency. You should check at which point...
  19. Glad it helped and thanks for the feedback!
  20. Hello Dan!

    Trying to understand your point. Thanks for clarifying you are aware of the limitations involved.

    It does not trigger because the callback is only fired during requests made by...
  21. Hello again, @bbros!

    If code reusability is what you want, maybe you could use a base class for PageModel like you are doing, but also add facilities that configures the grid for you (and...
  22. Hello again, @dnakorea!

    Your code looks right, it should be working.

    Have you checked if /Test/BPage is accessible directly in your website to tell whether inner page view is loading alone?
  23. Hello @bbros!

    I think that the problem there would be that the events are not wired up in ASP.NET 5/core as they were in ASP.NET WebForms. This was both a nice thing and a limitation in some...
  24. Hello @dan!

    Before I get into your follow up, can you do a little test on the sample you provided first?

    1) add .ID("GridPanel1") to the grid panel.
    2) reload the examnple and open...
  25. Hello Craig!

    How do you think the ComponentLoader approach would fit your needs? Maybe that's worth a try? We had a recent thread asking about it and, at least the scenario therein, worked for me...
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