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  1. Perfect, that fixed the problem.
  2. Using version 2.2 and IE 8.
  3. I'm trying to programmatically set panel content from the code behind. I've tried the below code but it does not render and it does not give me an error.

    Code Behind

    Public Sub...
  4. I'm trying to load a URL into a panel but I keep getting the following error message' is not a valid virtual path"

    <ext:Viewport ID="Viewport1" runat="server"...
  5. Hi Daniil,
    I tried your suggestion and used vbox layout. The top part is fine because I used a fixed height. The gridpanel does not fit unless I use Flex=1. But when I use flex=1 and populate the...
  6. Having trouble with the layout in the Topbar. Can I use a FormPanel to reset fields in the Topbar? This is the last tab item in a tabpanel

    <ext:Panel ID="tab8" runat="server" Title="Search"...
  7. Browser is IE8. I will update with version 1.6 and try again.

  8. Using Split="true" during columnlayout causes Columnwidth to change to something other than .5/.5. I'm using version 1.5. Any ideas?

    <ext:FormPanel ID="fpTab3" runat="server" Border="false"...
  9. Okay, thanks. You can close this thread.
  10. Not sure what you mean? For example, if I have a Ext.Container with .Layout="Column" Can I add three Fieldset controls as the columns with appropriate ColumnWidth?

  11. It does... I'm having some browser layout issues in IE8 that I have to troubleshoot, so I wanted clarification. Is there any issue with mixing Ext.Container with fieldset or formpanel?

  12. Is there a preference to creating a column layout? The demo example uses the ColumnLayout method, but can I use Containers with Layout="ColumnLayout" instead with the same results using IE8? Is one...
  13. Has anyone successfully integrated Ext.Net 1.5 in SharePoint 2010 web part? If so would you be willing to share the steps? I have been partially successful but I get a script error:

  14. My mistake... the example only returns the count for the number of children for that parent, so thats why I received a count of 1. This seems to work for all nodes. This thread can be closed.
  15. Yes, I've tried this example and it only comes back with 1 node. I have 5 nodes loaded. Although I did not show the code above, I dynamically added 5 nodes which works just fine. I need to make...
  16. Hi Daniil
    That previous post was very helpful. If I make changes to the columns on the client side, can I submit ALL Nodes to the server side so I can loop through and write them to a database?
  17. I'm tring to loop through all the nodes on a directevent to find a specific node. Then change the CustomAttributes. The root node comes up as null

    <ext:TreeGrid ID="tpPrivate" runat="server"...
  18. I'm sorry, I would like it to work in version 1.5. I can't use version 2.1 yet, but I need to have an additional column in a treepanel with a editable combo box. The 2.1 example was the closest to...
  19. In the example above, you have a column, checkcolum, and ActionColumn. Can I add a column that has a combobox that I can edit for each tree node?

  20. Can a combo box be added as a column to the TreePanel control?

    <ext:TreePanel ID="TreePanel1"
    Title="Core Team Projects"
  21. Works!

    Thank you, this thread can be closed

  22. I have a form in the TopBar of a gridpanel that includes a button. Everything works fine except the button is not visible until I mouse over the control. I need the button to stay visible.

  23. I'm trying to dynamically add a treepanel with loader and all works fine until I click to expand the root node then I get the error message "The control with ID 'SP_2' not found" Which is the ID of...
  24. In using VB.NET I forgot yo use AddHandler. This code works:

    Dim loader As New PageTreeLoader()
    AddHandler loader.NodeLoad, AddressOf GetPrivateNodes
    loader.PreloadChildren = True...
  25. How can I set the onNodeLoad property dynamically from the code behind?

    Dim PageTreeLoader As New Ext.Web.PageTreeLoader()
    PageTreeLoader.onNodeLoad = "nodeLoadCode"
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