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  1. hi

    i have textfield and button in form panel.
    When button is clicked, it call directmethod like ';'

    It doesn't work if the text field value is '<test>

    when i call direct...
  2. hi

    When i call DirectMethod(public) , request send body with all combobox data
    like " &combobox-112=&combobox-113&~~~&directmethodname"

    but DirectMethod(static public) don't have combobox...
  3. hi

    i'm using direct event with extraParams

    when i click button with long lenth value, click event not fire

    so i try debuging server side with break point in event Function and add...
  4. thanks!

    i will post new thread
  5. Hi

    i want to play video in tabPanel

    i hope to know using html5 tag in ext tag or other method for play video

  6. Sorry. my question is not clear..

    actually i'm not English speaker, so hard to explain detail

    anyway your code is good for me.

    and i have new question

    i want to play video in page
  7. hi

    i want render '{XField Data} : {YField Data}' format

    how can i ?

  8. i post new thread in 4.x
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