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  1. It worked fantastically well!! Right after you suggested using VBox, I remembered that VBox and HBox are more advanced versions of Row and ColumnLayout.

    I tried the Collapsible mode but I can't...
  2. Hello,

    I have a RowLayout with some fixed height rows, which contain a collapsable panel (FormGroup="true"), and the last one taking all the remaining space. When any of those panels is collapsed,...
  3. Hello,

    I just found out that the last HyperLink example, in all three versions, is missing its image.

    Image url:

  4. Prybe, you are posting in a 1.x help section.

    I recommend you first check the installation and breaking changes documentation:...
  5. Wow, that was fast! Everything looks fine now, thanks! :)
  6. Hello,

    The link to "V2 Demos" in the V1 examples page ( is now pointing to the V3 examples actually (

    On another hand, I think it would be...
  7. Daniil,

    Can you please take a look at my question in post #20 of this thread? (the last one in page 2).


  8. Thanks for your response, Daniil.

    However, I'm not sure if I made myself clear. What I mean is this:

    Click on "Change Text".
    Click on button that says "Something else", message says "You...
  9. Hello,

    I discovered this behavior that you may want to fix:

    If you press "Another Text Change", enter some text and then click on "Change...
  10. Sorry for bringing this thread back again, but I think my issue is related enough.

    When uploading several files, is it possible to have a visual feedback after each file finishes uploading?

  11. What I do is:

    combo.SelectedItem.Value = value;
    Being "value" the corresponding ValueField as string.

    I think you should also specify the data type and...
  12. I still have problems with this. I only get the colIndex and have no way to know which column is actually being rendered; the index doesn't belong to the field list.
  13. That's strange. WinRar says it's corrupt when testing or extracting, but it extracts everything with that 0 byte file. Windows Explorer opens it but when I try to extract, it displays a "0x80004005...
  14. Our application, with Ext.Net 1.0, called on the ValidateEdit listener without a problem, but if I call store.sync(), the delay when moving from cell to cell is very noticeable.

  15. It's because one of the server controls you are using is missing its ID, perhaps the ResourceManager itself. Can't you find its name in the exception message?

    Have you searched in the forums?...
  16. After reading a lot of documentation, forum threads and doing tons of attempts, these are some of the questions that I still have:

    Has been replaced with store.sync()? Is it...
  17. One small comment about this code:

    prefixText = value;
    this.Text = value + this.Text;

    When you change the...
  18. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to report this, but the zip file with the code of this example is corrupt.
  19. And isn't the Expand Listener/DirectEvent useful in your case?
  20. I couldn't find it but just in case you are looking for something like this, you may want to check out this example:
  21. Hello,

    When you edit the contents of a cell and then press a button inside the gridpanel, whether it's in the Buttons section or the BottomBar section, the button does nothing. The only thing that...
  22. Another question: can a UI be applied to a BottomBar, like a Toolbar or PagingToolbar? If I do it, the toolbar loses its theme and a black line appears on some borders. Applying the UI to the toolbar...
  23. Hello,

    I'd like to know if there is a way to apply a UI ("Primary" for example) to a whole site. The default theme looks quite washed-out and pale to me and this UI looks much better. Previously...
  24. Thank you very much for your effort, RCN. Unfortunately it didn't work.
    Your example works but with multi=true, and in my case it's false. I tried commenting the "toExpand.expand()" in the else...
  25. Hello, Daniil,

    Sorry for bringing this thread up again, but I tried the AfterRender trick and it didn't work. The only difference it made was that the first panel remained expanded at all times....
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