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  1. I am turned off buffered grid and search works fine. I just don't know how unbuffered grid will handle a large amount of data. For now I don't have that case.
  2. Well I'm not that experienced. I just know how to place controls on page and write code behind. If something don't work, I don't know how to fix it. Even if I look at souce code (which don't have and...
  3. I tried on example in this thread, when search some string it don't find all items.

    Try to reduce size of browser to fit in grid 15-20 items. Then search some string (for example "cook" or...
  4. You mean that will be fixed in Ext.Net 4? Then we must buy new version? Well I don't have 3500 usd for new version :(
  5. What is the status of this problem? I see that is not fixed in 3.2.0.
  6. Fixed in 3.2.0

    I'm a little worried about these things that after browser update your application works differently or something stops working.
  7. Same with me... this is after chrome update

    Look at the picture, on left is how it looks initialy, on right, after focus leave, text goes down.

    Same thing with combo boxes.

  8. Reason for the above question:
    I have item insert/update in iframe window. Since there is a no possibility to use code behind with parent grid, I must use JS to do it.

    So, solution in JS code:
  9. I know how to insert and update record (and then go to that record) from code behind. How to do same thing from JavaScript?


    Store.Insert(0, Art)...
  10. This seems not working with version 3.1. Anyone knows how to do it now?
  11. When open window in code behind there is mask, but when open in JavaScript there is no mask. Why?

    Everything is same.

    Using win As New Window()
    With win
  12. I have Treepanel with "OnReadData" data loading.
    When user click to expand node, children data is loaded. That is ok.

    But, I want to refresh children after database update and dont know how....
  13. But there is no way to find parent NodeID from code behind in event not related with treeview.

    When use

    Tree.SelectedNodes(0). there is no ParentID or Parent anything...

    If use...
  14. Perfect. It works. Thanks.
  15. How to disable EventMask when using OnReadData procedure to load data? There is nice animated circle next to node and EventMask over the whole control is unnecessary.

  16. Not good.

    Grid\Plugins\LiveSearchGridPanel\Listeners\Search Handler fires on search but not fires when clicking on Next/Previous buttons. When there is more then one result-rows, when click on...
  17. Nope, LiveSearch dont trigger that listener.

    This is solution:

    <ext:LiveSearchGridPanel runat="server">
    <Search Handler="if(count>0)...
  18. Ok, but where to put that so it run after search?
  19. When I use LiveSearch, it find and select row and this works fine on visible part of grid. But, when found row is outside, then grid won't scroll to that row. Not to criticize, but what is point to...
  20. Yes, it works with

    .getValues(false, false, false, true)

    but what these arguments mean?

    Is there any way to have Intellisense for JS code?
  21. I needed this control and I found that is quite complicated than other controls.

    Data binding reqiures to implement hierarhy enumeration what is difficult to do.
    On client side you must implement...
  22. Reset will revert to old values, I want to keep new values and clear Dirty status.
  23. I wonder if you could make TagLabel control to work like Chackbox control? By that I mean that TagLabel have ability for Form.getForm().getFieldValues() and SetValues, and triggers form...
  24. I found a solution. There must be two loops, one for checkboxes and another for other controls:

    var dirtyreset = function () {
    App.TabForm.cascade(function (f) {
  25. I am still not found solution for this. After uncheck checkbox and click on save button form stays Dirty whatever I do.

    This is example code:

    <%@ Page Language="vb" %>

    <%@ Import...
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