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Dec 07, 2020, 3:09 PM
My team loves the new Spotless theme, but our users are asking for more colors. We built/maintain 3 sites... 2 have been around a bit and use Neptune and Triton. While those color schemes do look good, the customers are wanting us to use something besides the blue themes to help differentiate the sites (this is a corporate environment and they feel that Aria and Graphite are too dark... Crisp is too light and Classic & Gray don't look modern enough). Anyway, is there a way to change the color scheme to say a green or red (any color really... this is just for the sake of discussion) without having to write a large amount of CSS to override every style that is built into the controls? We would even settle for being able to apply the "dark" variation to the entire site (without having to add it onto every control) to make them happy.

Thanks so much for any advice/recommendations.


Dec 07, 2020, 10:48 PM
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the feedback regarding Spotless.

Unfortunately, there is not a way within Ext.NET configuration(s) to customize the theme color(s), although than setting variant per component. We were just talking about what it would take to implement such a feature, although any implementation of that feature would be a while down the road.

Of course changing the colors of Spotless is possible and relatively easy to do, although it would be best implemented as a new custom theme inherited from Spotless. We offer building a custom theme with custom branding as a professional service. If you would be interested in discussing, please email me at geoff@object.net to discuss further.