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  1. [FIXED] [V0.6] Ext.onReady script block and MasterPages not combining properly
  2. [FIXED] [V0.6] .FindControl no longer required
  3. [FIXED] [V0.3] HtmlEditor > Error setting FontFamilies
  4. [FIXED] ScriptContainer cannot be found within a user control
  5. [FIXED] DatePicker date format dd/MM/yyyy not working
  6. [FIXED] HTML Editor inside an update panel?
  7. Adding fieldset and controls from codebehind / TextBoxes are not firing validation
  8. [FIXED] TabPanel State in UserControl
  9. [FIXED] Tab had a little icon when open on FF
  10. Can You add PostBackUrl to Button?
  11. [FIXED] IE Dropdown bleed
  12. [FIXED] Buttons in window doesn't work?
  13. [INVALID] Windows don't appear in Windows Vista
  14. [FIXED] Panel/Fieldset bug
  15. [FIXED] Button does not show if AutoPost set to false...
  16. [FIXED] Drag/Drop of Window out of panel
  17. [FIXED] cool Window Behavior
  18. [FIXED] TextBox Regex property
  19. [FIXED] Window maximize behaviour
  20. [FIXED] [V0.5] RegisterClientOnReadyInitBlock causes error
  21. [OPEN] HtmlEditor and potentially dangerous Request.Form value
  22. [FIXED] [V0.5] DatePicker does not show its initial value
  23. [FIXED] [V0.5] bugs with 0.5 beta
  24. [INVALID] merge code with TabPanel
  25. [INVALID] Button Width not Working
  26. [INVALID] asp:UpdatePanel and ext:Window
  27. [FIXED] [V0.5] VS 2008 Crash with 0.5
  28. [FIXED] [V0.5] ComboBoxBase and 0.5.0
  29. [INVALID] Viewport: Element 'Tab/Panel/TabPanel' is not a known element.
  30. [FIXED] [V0.5] TextField Bug
  31. [FIXED] [V0.5] Button Click
  32. [INVALID] CheckBox BoxLabel?
  33. [FIXED] [V0.5.3] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link
  34. [FIXED] [V0.5.3] Crash in 0.53 - Viewport Page - Can't Render Design View
  35. [FIXED] 0.5.3 Breaks Fieldsets
  36. [FIXED] [V0.5.3] 0.5.3 TextField Validation Broken
  37. [OPEN] Crashes, crashes, crashes...
  38. Javascript error when setting ext:Window's AutoLoad to aspx page
  39. Checkbox value not saved inside collapsible control (ie6)
  40. [FIXED] [V0.6] Form fields Fieldlable property does not work
  41. Nested UpdatePanel + Tabs + Editor
  42. [FIXED] [2.0] DateField Problem
  43. [INVALID] Ext.FormViewPort Issue
  44. [FIXED] [V0.6] HtmlEditor on TabPanel bug
  45. [FIXED] [V0.6] Load UserControl with Tab + HtmlEditor dinamically
  46. [FIXED] [V0.6] Validation broken SVN (0.6)
  47. Button StyleSpec Fails
  48. [FIXED] [V0.6] ComboBox
  49. ComboBox ListItem Selected
  50. TabPanel Dynamic Tab PostBack
  51. ViewPort CollapseMode Mini
  52. [FIXED] [V0.6] JavaScript error
  53. ComboBox and Store
  54. Panel with Frame="true" renders differently in IE7 vs FF3
  55. ComboBox and UpdatePanel
  56. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel and SelModel
  57. [FIXED] [V0.7] UpdatePanel
  58. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel Renderer Format
  59. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel Row Expander
  60. [FIXED] [V0.6] ComboBox and RequiredFieldValidator
  61. [FIXED] [V0.6] SVN Build
  62. [FIXED] [V0.6] TabPanel and ComboBox SelectedItem
  63. [FIXED] [V0.6] TabPanel and GridPanel
  64. TabPanel and ComboBox (Layout issue)
  65. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel Grouping
  66. [FIXED] [V0.6] TabPanel and SetActiveTab
  67. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel ColumnModel ID=ct100 conflicts
  68. [FIXED] [V0.6] AjaxEvent not working
  69. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel Design-Time Error
  70. [FIXED] [V0.6] ComboBox HideTrigger
  71. [FIXED] [V0.6] NumberField and AjaxEvents
  72. [FIXED] [V0.6] AjaxEventUpdate Store
  73. [FIXED] [V0.6] Button AjaxEvent Success
  74. [OPEN] ComboBox Value
  75. [FIXED] [V0.6] Gridpanel inside a BorderLayout
  76. [FIXED] [V0.6] SetValue
  77. [FIXED] [V0.6] All Controls with AjaxEvents fail
  78. [FIXED] [V0.6] TextArea
  79. [FIXED] [V0.6] Rendering bug on collapsible panel
  80. [FIXED] [V0.6] CheckBox and Radio
  81. [FIXED] [V0.6] ComboBox and Selected Item
  82. [FIXED] [V0.6] Combobox in Ext:Cell does not show list
  83. [OPEN] paging problems with filters
  84. [FIXED] [V0.6] asp:RadioButton loses selection in ext:Panel
  85. [FIXED] [V0.6] GridPanel and ComboBox
  86. [FIXED] [V0.6] Coolite.Utilities.ControlUtils.FindControl fails
  87. [FIXED] [V0.6] Radio fields issue
  88. [FIXED] [V0.6] NumberField and AjaxEvents
  89. [OPEN] ComboBox Rendering issue
  90. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] Bug with DatePicker
  91. [FIXED] [V0.6] DateField rendering issue on Firefox 3.0.3
  92. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] ScriptManager WindowResize
  93. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] Parameter JavaScript Error
  94. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] GridFilter Bug
  95. [FIXED] SelectionModel Listeners
  96. [FIXED] [V0.7] RequiredFieldValidator Bug
  97. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] ComboBox.SelectedIndex Bug
  98. [OPEN] Problem designing component inside coolite layout
  99. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] GridPanel missing filter image
  100. [OPEN] Portlets don't resize correctly when moved between layout columns
  101. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] ComboBox Bug
  102. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] ComboBox Bug
  103. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] Site Example Viewer bug, Ajax Tabs
  104. ComboBox AjaxEvent EnableViewState?
  105. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] RowExpander Bug
  106. [FIXED] [V0.7] RowExpander in ViewPort Bug
  107. [OPEN] HtmlEditor inside ext:window
  108. [FIXED] [V0.7.0] Stack Overflow Bug
  109. Store not found with ViewPort in MasterPage
  110. [FIXED] [V0.7] BorderLayout in TabPanel not working In Internet Explorer
  111. [FIXED] [V0.7] AjaxEvents bug
  112. [FIXED] [V0.7] DataView Bug
  113. Version 0.6.0 BUG
  114. [FIXED] [V0.7] GridPanel.Reload shows DirtyWarning even if WarningOnDirty=False
  115. [FIXED] [V0.7] CustomAjaxEvent in ScriptManagerProxy doesn't work
  116. [FIXED] [V0.7] RenderScripts
  117. Bug when showing a window maximized
  118. [FIXED] [V0.7] Sizing bug for buttons in tabpanel
  119. [FIXED] [V0.7] Bug on confirm event on button
  120. [FIXED] [V0.7] ComboBox Bug
  121. [FIXED] [V0.7] Button Disabled
  122. [FIXED] [V0.7] DeferredRender and ComboBox Bug
  123. [FIXED] [V0.7] Panel FormGroup (v0.7) doesn't work if set in code behind
  124. [FIXED] [V0.7] Nested dynamic controls don't behave correctly in Page Cycle
  125. Javascript error where AjaxEvent ViewStateMode=Exclude and Type=Load
  126. [FIXED] [V0.7] RowExpander Exception
  127. [FIXED] [V0.7] AjaxEvent before="return false" still hits server
  128. [FIXED] [V0.7] Visibility Bug
  129. [OPEN] HtmlEditor malfunction
  130. [FIXED] [V0.7] ComboBox SelectedIndex
  131. Store with viewstate problem
  132. [OPEN] GridPanel Width problems.
  133. [OPEN] Toolbar button spacing
  134. EventMask and Adobe Flash
  135. [FIXED] [V0.7] Form action="" Bug
  136. [FIXED] [V0.7] errors after svn update
  137. [FIXED] [V0.7] Textfield loose value on AjaxEvent if using MasterPage and EnableViewState=False
  138. [FIXED] [V0.7] When the initial data set is empty, GridPanel refuses to load data on subsequent refresh
  139. [FIXED] [V0.7] ViewState Broken
  140. [FIXED] [V0.7] Deleting rows with the ObjectDataSource
  141. [FIXED] [V0.7] Multiple Generic Plugins in PagingToolbar
  142. [FIXED] [V0.7] ComboBox always return text value
  143. [OPEN] Forum Caching Bug
  144. [FIXED] [V0.7] ScriptManager RegisterClientStyleInclude
  145. [FIXED] [V0.7] Combo Disable lost Value
  146. [FIXED] [V0.7] PagingToolbar is requesting loading.gif from invalid path
  147. [FIXED] [V0.7] Slate theme, no loading icon
  148. [FIXED] [V0.7] IFrame loading issues
  149. GirdPanel
  150. [FIXED] [V0.7] Data binding enumerations (0.6)
  151. [FIXED] [V0.7] Error when setting text in ToolbarTextItem
  152. [FIXED] [V0.7] Bugs report at 870
  153. [FIXED] [V0.7] Gridpanel
  154. [FIXED] [V0.7] RowLayout toolbox item drops a CenterLayout object
  155. [FIXED] [V0.7] Bug in gridpanel?
  156. [FIXED] [V0.7] ActiveTabIndex always 0
  157. [FIXED] [V0.7] Menu Exception
  158. [FIXED] [V0.7] Bug with adding script 'Ext.getDom(...' during ajaxevent
  159. GridPanel ComboBox Bug
  160. [FIXED] [V0.7] Bug with resolving controls
  161. [FIXED] [V0.7] ScriptManager Bug
  162. [FIXED] [V0.7] Grid Paging breaks CheckBoxSelectionModel Reconfigure
  163. ext:desktopwindow and tooltip
  164. RecordField DefaultValue missing quotes v0.6
  165. [FIXED] [V0.7] Internet Explorer 6 throws error with Coolite + showModalDialog + base target=_self
  166. [FIXED] [V0.7] LoadPostData() results in NullReferenceException
  167. [OPEN] Gridpanel + Title doesn't collapse
  168. [FIXED] [V0.7] DateField does not work
  169. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Setting ScriptManager Theme to Default
  170. [FIXED] [V0.7] Form action="" Bug
  171. Google Chrome ComboBox Render
  172. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] ver 0.7 Desktop control - modal window is not on top
  173. [FIXED] [V0.7] ComboBox setValueAndFireSelect Bug
  174. Portal, Portlet & Viewstate
  175. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] A bug of url nocache setting.
  176. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] FieldSet Collapsed property does not save state
  177. GridPanel Column Width Discrepancy
  178. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] gridpanel error
  179. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Bug with Store in MVC App
  180. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Mono: System.Web.UI.CssClassPropertyAttribute Cannot Be Loaded
  181. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Clearing SelectedItems of a MultiSelect
  182. Horz Scroll with Autoheight
  183. Bug with numberfield and setdisabled(true) when close windows
  184. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Coolite Examples - Incorrect Code
  185. [OPEN] Invalid Label Error
  186. DateField Readonly
  187. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Textboxes in AjaxEvent Still Empty
  188. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] CheckboxGroup must have more than 1 item.
  189. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] error being thrown with gridpanel
  190. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Bug in Coolite.AjaxEvent
  191. Bad Arrow Image
  192. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] FitLayout Issue
  193. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Sorting numbers with ext:TableGrid
  194. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] TabPanel Visibility Bug
  195. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] AjaxMethod Type=AjaxEventType.Load still sends back post data
  196. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] v0.7: RegexText on TextField not rendered correctly
  197. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] AsyncTreeNode
  198. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] RadioGroup
  199. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] advanced context menus
  200. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] possible bug in coolite-core.js
  201. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] TabPanel index bug
  202. ForceSelection on Combo not working
  203. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] modal window in desktop
  204. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] MultiSelect and setValueByIndex
  205. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Can't get/set value for TextField Readonly
  206. Checkbox in GridPanel
  207. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Store Field SortType AsUCString doesn't work
  208. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] When a Store initially receives empty data...
  209. When store's datasource is IDataReader, as SqlDataReader or OracleDataReader, after bind(), the data's number will reduce 1
  210. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] TreeLoader base atributes
  211. Editing GridPanel cells auto scrolls to the right when tabbing out from the active editor
  212. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] Problems with PaggingToolbar with 0.8.0
  213. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] desktop js error
  214. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] GridPanel data lost
  215. [FIXED] [1.0] Portal Bug?
  216. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] GridFilters filter box
  217. DateField IsNull always true
  218. UpdatePanel
  219. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] GridPanel scrollbar
  220. TabPanel.UnhideTabStripItem(tab) bug
  221. [FIXED] [V0.8.0] window maximize
  222. Desktop Module JS error
  223. Get value of disabled control
  224. [CLOSED] Panel + BottomBar + Toolbar
  226. Tab and AllowBlank
  227. GridPanel DeleteSelected
  228. Autowidth problem
  229. TextArea Text property, strange behaviour in chrome
  230. ComboBox Bug in GridPanl Toolbar
  231. Prb: Adding tabs to tabpanel height is incorrect
  232. Prb with id called
  233. TextField in not active Tab is empty
  234. Tags p,em,strong,ul,ol,p,...,???,... are ignored
  235. [OPEN] XTemplate+ComboBox Can't be used in Column Editor
  236. Prb: Nonedited fields is saved from datagrid
  237. TriggerField is not shown
  238. [FIXED] [V0.8] Visible Bug
  239. TabPanel and ComboBox
  240. [FIXED] [V0.8] TimeField.Clear() exception
  241. [FIXED] [V0.8] TriggerField.EmptyText goes into Value
  242. [FIXED] [V0.8] No Controls Exception
  243. [FIXED] [V0.8] TabFx Error
  244. Validate regular expresion - TextField
  245. [FIXED] Microsoft ScriptManager and Date Format
  247. Site isn't working on IE6
  248. EditorCollection Editor is ReadOnly
  249. Column Editor TextArea Height
  250. [FIXED] [V0.8] TrackMouseOver