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  1. [CLOSED] EXT.NET 3.0 on SVN
  2. [CLOSED] Ext.Net references System.Web.Mvc
  3. [CLOSED] NumericFilter problem in 3.0
  4. [OPEN] [#583] Draw Examples Issues
  5. [CLOSED] Form -> Multi Selector
  6. [CLOSED] Custom Form example is broken
  7. [CLOSED] FormPanel anchor and label align issues
  8. [CLOSED] FormPanel LabelAlign
  9. [CLOSED] Signal IR event on version 3.x
  10. [CLOSED] GZiped StoreResult
  11. [CLOSED] Panel's icon not shown
  12. [CLOSED] [#600] TreePanel's AutoLoad set to false
  13. [CLOSED] Position of triggers added to DropDown
  14. [CLOSED] ResourceManager MessageBusListeners
  15. [CLOSED] Set TreePanel Folder, Empty Folder and Leaf icons
  16. [CLOSED] JsonSerializerSettings breaks TriggerField
  17. [CLOSED] TreePanel NodeHash
  18. [CLOSED] FormPanel's FieldChange event is not being fired
  19. [OPEN] [#602] DropDownField's blur event is raised wrongly
  20. [CLOSED] [#603] GridPanel focus row
  21. [OPEN] [#605] ToolTip's anchor goes wrong
  22. [CLOSED] Ext.AbstractManager was deprecated
  23. [CLOSED] Infinite Scrolling load issue
  24. [CLOSED] NuGet vs SVN
  25. [CLOSED] [#604] Tree node is selected when it's expanded
  26. [CLOSED] Record.data and Record.raw issues
  27. [CLOSED] Get root node by id
  28. [CLOSED] Add controls to Page
  29. [CLOSED] [#583] Unable to call Listeners and Direct Events for the Ext Bar Series.
  30. [CLOSED] TreePanel not loading nested nodes.
  31. [CLOSED] Non beta version of v3?
  32. [CLOSED] [#613] TreeView's LoadMask property set to false
  33. [CLOSED] ModelField' UseNull is missing (Breaking Change)
  34. [CLOSED] [#615] When use X.StoreForModel() a few times, then an error occurs
  35. [CLOSED] [#616] Exception thrown when ResourceManager's WindowUnload is defined
  36. [CLOSED] [#617] Tabs with external content are destroyed when window.onbeforeunload is executed
  37. [CLOSED] [#612] v3 on iPad
  38. [CLOSED] How can we display/open a closed module by clicking on a button in the navigation menu?
  39. [CLOSED] Suggestion on Actions
  40. [CLOSED] When will you support Ext Js 5.1?
  41. [CLOSED] Unable to get the panels in Ext Net 3.0 DLL in Java Script
  42. [CLOSED] Ext.selection.Model.selectWithEvent is just fired when selection mode is set to Multi
  43. [CLOSED] MonthPicker and MonthField
  44. [CLOSED] FormPanel field label spacing
  45. [CLOSED] TreePanel RootNode's raw member is missing
  46. [CLOSED] What is the Tablet support?
  47. [CLOSED] Changing store read parameters in JavaScript for Ext.NET 3
  48. [CLOSED] How to get store's last applied options in Ext.NET 3
  49. [CLOSED] TextArea height
  50. [CLOSED] ProxyStore onException override is returning null response
  51. [CLOSED] TreeStore rejectChanges not working
  52. [CLOSED] Can DirectResponse set the http status code to 500 in case of errors?
  53. [CLOSED] v.3 Editable GridPanel - Could not select value of cell on mouse double click
  54. [CLOSED] [#625] Accordion children don't collapse
  55. [CLOSED] StringEnumConverter's AllowIntegerValues
  56. [CLOSED] TextField reduces its width when losing focus
  57. [CLOSED] GridPanel null values and ModelField.UseNull
  58. [CLOSED] [#651] Accordion's AnimateDuration has no effect
  59. [CLOSED] [#627] TreePanel loses focus when node is expanded
  60. [CLOSED] TreePanel and GridPanel initial horizontal scroll
  61. [CLOSED] TreePanel's vertical scroll
  62. [CLOSED] [#645] v.3 Window in Bin tag - cannot be reached on client by App.WindowName
  63. [CLOSED] v.3 Overwrite css for FieldSet header
  64. [CLOSED] [#677] Field is not being marked as invalid when it has a InputMask
  65. [CLOSED] Multi Selector, Multiple Fields, missing "Remove this item" functionality
  66. [CLOSED] Grid Panel, CheckBoxSelectionModel, Initial Load Scrolling
  67. [CLOSED] About gridpanel height with BufferedRenderer
  68. [CLOSED] Set value of a masked control
  69. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Connection.setOptions(): No URL specified
  70. [CLOSED] Debugging java script code - my classes are ending up in eval code
  71. [CLOSED] Keyboard Navigation in GridPanel with CheckboxselectionModel
  72. [CLOSED] In the IE 11 will be abnormal information
  73. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor currentRange in IE11
  74. [CLOSED] [#632] JavaScript runtime error: Expected ']' in ext.axd
  75. [CLOSED] MVC and Window show View
  76. [CLOSED] iconCls doesn't work
  77. [CLOSED] [#631] GridPanel header, Tab key navigation exception: Unable to get property 'apply' of undefined or null reference
  78. [CLOSED] GridPanel Disable Tab Key Navigation or cell selection
  79. [CLOSED] GridPanel rows have a gap when scroll bar is hidden
  80. [CLOSED] TreePanel selected row have a gap when scroll bar is hidden
  81. [CLOSED] Fill Combo-box store client side based on another Combo-box selection
  82. [CLOSED] Model Validation in Grid level
  83. [CLOSED] StoreParameter, Store.Parameters, Store.Proxy.ExtraParams
  84. [CLOSED] Could not download EXT.Net 3.0 SVN Source
  85. [CLOSED] TabReorderer plugin for Ext.NET 3?
  86. [CLOSED] Could not download Source Code
  87. [CLOSED] [#642] Feature request - strongly typed constructor overloads for Parameter, Config etc
  88. [CLOSED] Overriding existing mapping: 'plugin.rowexpander' From 'Ext.grid.plugin.RowExpander' to 'Ext.ux.RowExpander'.
  89. [CLOSED] TextField validation - cosmetic issue
  90. [CLOSED] DrawText does not exist in the namespace Ext.Net
  91. [CLOSED] Disable tab and focus frame functionality
  92. [CLOSED] Expanded West Region Panel with Accordion Layout issue
  93. [CLOSED] Drop down menu width issue
  94. [CLOSED] HeaderItems for CommandColumn not defined anymore
  95. [CLOSED] Get Grid Selected Cell Value
  96. [CLOSED] The function "addScript" causing the error "Syntax Error"
  97. [CLOSED] Is it correct to set Window's margin property
  98. [OPEN] [#641] System.OutOfMemoryException with Ext.NET 3
  99. [CLOSED] GridPanel, Focus whole row (not single cell)
  100. [CLOSED] RadioGroup with Absolute Layout, Items shift down on Chrome and IE
  101. [CLOSED] [#647] V3.0 RTL Position is incorrect
  102. [CLOSED] SelectBox selectFirst() difference between 1/2.x and 3.x
  103. [CLOSED] Bind notation
  104. [CLOSED] ProgressBarPager on different ToolBar than PagingToolBar
  105. [CLOSED] [#639] TextField RightButtons breaks layout when field is disabled
  106. [CLOSED] Is it possible to display/open a closed module by clicking on a button in the navigation menu?
  107. [CLOSED] [#636] Difference between DirectMethod request params and Ajax request params
  108. [CLOSED] CalendarPanel - Using a custom navigation toolbar
  109. [CLOSED] Hide field label separator of form panel
  110. [CLOSED] Internet Explorer 11 won't display any ext.net dynamic control after deployment
  111. [CLOSED] IFrame Communication
  112. [CLOSED] Filter Header Case Insensitve
  113. [CLOSED] Change Color Window's Header Background Color
  114. [CLOSED] 3.1.0 SelectBox causes JavaScript error
  115. [CLOSED] Detect tablet or mobile phone
  116. [CLOSED] combobox with forceselection and change listener + listeners for hidden buttons
  117. [CLOSED] SelectBox breaks layout
  118. [CLOSED] TagField problem in SVN revision: 6250
  119. [CLOSED] Combo ajax load has Error getting value from Length on HttpResponseStream
  120. [CLOSED] [#667] TagField in Toolbar items throw "Unable to get property 'dataSource' of undefined or null reference"
  121. [CLOSED] Ajax call from a button
  122. [CLOSED] GridPanel Pager TextField is too small
  123. [CLOSED] TreePanel selectPath throw exception when executed in AfterRender listener
  124. [CLOSED] How to change button's UI from Java Script ?
  125. [CLOSED] Ext undefined in IE11
  126. [CLOSED] FilterHeader and Enter key event
  127. [CLOSED] [#635] [4.0] Spreadsheet Component
  128. [CLOSED] Ext JS error - Bad Model constructor argument 2 - "session" is not a Session - dragging row onto tree
  129. [CLOSED] [#652] StripeRows not working on Crispy and Crisp and CrispTouch themes
  130. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel's AllowDeselect not working when mode is set to Multi
  131. [CLOSED] SplitButton on PagingToolbar is not supported
  132. [OPEN] [#649] When Tree selection is not set to TreeSelectionModel, node is selected when it's expanded
  133. [CLOSED] Toggle CheckboxSelectionModel's Header Check Visibility
  134. [CLOSED] Basic Meta Configuration - GridPanel.columns array is empty (or contains old column objects)
  135. [CLOSED] FieldSet Controls not disabled
  136. [CLOSED] MultiCombo in Gridpanel Check 2
  137. [CLOSED] GridPanel's EnableKeyNav
  138. [OPEN] [#662] Row is deselected on key navigation
  139. [CLOSED] ComboBox with Selected Item Dropped Down
  140. [CLOSED] Disable particular cell in GridPanel
  141. [CLOSED] Css not applied in TextArea
  142. [CLOSED] Toolbar item remains selected after click
  143. [CLOSED] Dotted line is shown around cell when it's clicked
  144. [CLOSED] Timeout
  145. [CLOSED] When Tree selection is not set to TreeSelectionModel, node is deselected after sorting
  146. [CLOSED] Group Header breaks layout
  147. [CLOSED] Tab key is not working after upgrade to 3.0
  148. [CLOSED] Node is not being expanded when right key is pressed
  149. [OPEN] [#658] Resize ViewPort's region
  150. [CLOSED] Response.redirect issue
  151. [CLOSED] [BUG] Ext JS( read property 'length' of undefined
  152. [CLOSED] Launch DesktopModule with object model
  153. [CLOSED] Force load of an image
  154. [OPEN] [#323] GridPanel inside Menu breaks layout
  155. [CLOSED] Grouping grids - how to get rendered group value in the group header text
  156. [CLOSED] TagLabel and Index="-1"
  157. [CLOSED] Grid's scroll issues
  158. [CLOSED] Insert command column into grid
  159. [CLOSED] [#671] Grid cell's tooltip
  160. [CLOSED] DateField and inputType for tablets (?)
  161. [CLOSED] SASS vs CSS Override
  162. [CLOSED] RadioGroup showing buttons
  163. [CLOSED] Remove dotted outline from focused items
  164. [CLOSED] TreePanel breaks ViewPort layout
  165. [CLOSED] Mobile / Button problem
  166. [CLOSED] MinWidth is not honored inside iframe.
  167. [CLOSED] TabBar Config example is broken
  168. [CLOSED] [#666] PartialViews does not render dependent resources on Web Forms (PreventRenderResources=true)
  169. [CLOSED] Grid is loading records when performing initial sort
  170. [OPEN] [#669] Resizer breaks TextArea's width
  171. [CLOSED] Image Button using CSS
  172. [CLOSED] We try to set the default value of grid column with auto increment value
  173. [CLOSED] Need Menuitemclick on clientside
  174. [CLOSED] Menuitem is dissapearing after click
  175. [CLOSED] The Property "checked" of a Checkbox ist not set, when it create through a DirectMethod
  176. [CLOSED] The property "EmptyText" of a textfield is not cleared in the Firefox- and IE 9-Browser
  177. [OPEN] [#734] The Ext.NET initialization script was not found
  178. [CLOSED] RowExpander: Cannot set property 'component' of null
  179. [CLOSED] Keep GridPanel configuration
  180. [CLOSED] TreeView's EmptyText
  181. [CLOSED] Custom StartMenu Desktop
  182. [CLOSED] Hide Desktop Main Menu
  183. [CLOSED] Exporting grid data into special formats
  184. [CLOSED] IE8 error : Message:'document.documentElement[... 'is empty or not object
  185. [CLOSED] Combobox focus not proper in GridPanel
  186. [CLOSED] Controls not aligned properly
  187. [CLOSED] Objects missing in the "theForm"-Variable
  188. [CLOSED] [#675] ComponentLoader loading component with plugins
  189. [CLOSED] UI Control sizes are big in 3x version
  190. [CLOSED] PathSeparator property in TreePanel is removed?
  191. [CLOSED] Remove show password trigger
  192. [CLOSED] TreePanel navigation
  193. [CLOSED] TreePanel's Lines set to false
  194. [CLOSED] RowSelection not focussing on selected row
  195. [CLOSED] grid validation questions
  196. [CLOSED] Store's TotalCountChange is not being fired
  197. [CLOSED] c#/razor gridpanel with locked column will make other non-locked columns vanishes.
  198. [CLOSED] Store records not available in client side after Grid bind in server side using Page Proxy
  199. [CLOSED] [#680] Migration of TreeGrid from Ext 2.5.3 to 3.0.0
  200. [CLOSED] RowSelection with line around selected cell
  201. [CLOSED] Panel with ColumnLayout breaks GroupingSummary in GridPanel when toggling.
  202. [CLOSED] Column's constrain breaks grid's layout
  203. [CLOSED] Ext.net MVC Globalization problem (culture info)
  204. [CLOSED] Set Tooltip
  205. [CLOSED] Grid combo data mapping
  206. [CLOSED] Uppercase Textfield
  207. [CLOSED] editingPlugin is undefined with GridLock
  208. [CLOSED] Error On Chrome
  209. [CLOSED] StatusBar Text
  210. [CLOSED] GridCommand's Tooltip
  211. [CLOSED] IFrame's Loader "Load" listener is not fired when non-html content is loaded
  212. [CLOSED] TabCloseMenu on FireFox
  213. [CLOSED] TabCloseMenu remains shown forever
  214. [CLOSED] Edit record on IE
  215. [CLOSED] Remove Textfield borders
  216. [CLOSED] Extending ExtJS class and Ext.Net Markup
  217. [CLOSED] Panel with HBoxLayout inside a TabPanel and scrolling position lost
  218. [CLOSED] Pre-select a item in custom search Comobobox in Ext 3.0
  219. [CLOSED] Checkbox is being toggled when its label is clicked
  220. [CLOSED] Buffer issue when refreshing tree
  221. [CLOSED] Adding a tooltip to Grid Row
  222. [CLOSED] Editable Grid Within a Drop down
  223. [CLOSED] [#699] Disable remote sort and sort locally
  224. [CLOSED] MenuPanel's Scrollbar on Chrome
  225. [CLOSED] Scrolling menu panel breaks layout
  226. [CLOSED] File Upload without a FormPanel
  227. [CLOSED] RowEditor and RowExpander do not work properly together
  228. [CLOSED] Newest EXT build is not working with .NET framework 4.0
  229. [CLOSED] App is undefined
  230. [CLOSED] Ext.Net Control Rendering Delay
  231. [CLOSED] RendererFormat.Percent breaks layout
  232. [CLOSED] Encoding Ext.emptyString
  233. [CLOSED] Display a View in a Portlet
  234. [CLOSED] Conditionally Populate ComboBox items in a Grid Editor
  235. [CLOSED] Show icon on Panel header
  236. [CLOSED] Summary is not shown after second data load
  237. [CLOSED] TabIndex is not working
  238. [CLOSED] Mask in mandatory field isnot activating
  239. [CLOSED] Set Panel Background Color
  240. [CLOSED] set style for panel scroll bar
  241. [CLOSED] Loading Panel Content from Model
  242. [CLOSED] Tooltip vs touch screen
  243. [CLOSED] Server Control, Bin Items Direct Event Submission
  244. [CLOSED] BoxReorderer prevents field focus
  245. [CLOSED] Password validation not localized
  246. [CLOSED] Charts package not downloaded correctly on a dynamically loaded PartialView
  247. [CLOSED] TreePanel, AjaxProxy and "local" node filtering introduces a stack overflow when applying node filtering
  248. [CLOSED] Set FieldLabel for MultiSelector
  249. [CLOSED] Error in Examples Explorer
  250. [CLOSED] Multi Selector throws exception while removinig last item