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Aug 29, 2010, 12:33 PM

If you have used dynamic data or know something about it, you probably know how powerful it could be. Things like a strong 'separation of concerns' should not be taken lightly.

Anyway I hope after this build in support for Dynamic Data is not far away ! :cool:

In the mean while I created an basic ext.js example (based on the example of Matt Berseth found here (http://mattberseth.com/blog/2008/09/dynamic_data_experimenting_wit.html).

You have to create a dynamic data website first and add a store and a grid. Paging and sorting is not (yet) added.

// just call this in the onload of the dynamic data/page templates/List.aspx
public void ApplyDynamicDataToStoreAndGrid()

var columns =
from c in table.Columns
where c.Scaffold // can add other attributes criteria
orderby c.SortExpression
select c;

var ColumnPrimKey =
(from c in table.Columns
where c.IsPrimaryKey
select c).First();

JsonReader reader = new JsonReader();
if (ColumnPrimKey != null)
reader.IDProperty = ColumnPrimKey.Name;

ColumnModel columnModel = new ColumnModel();
foreach (var c in columns)

var rf = new RecordField()

var gridColumn = new Column()
ColumnID = c.Name,
DataIndex = c.Name,
Header = c.ShortDisplayName




Aug 31, 2010, 8:29 PM
I just found this:

aba.on("update", function () {
aba.title = aba.iframe.dom.contentWindow.document.title;
}, this);

if i put a alert on it i can see that the values of 'aba.title' and 'aba.iframe.dom.contentWindow.document.title' are the right ones (not on google coz he didnt not let me see it, but on my real pages)

But it still does not work even putting the alert on the final with the aba.title on it... it shows the right stuff but on the interface it its not what it shows on the alert..

any ideas or other solutions?

thanks in advance...

Aug 31, 2010, 8:31 PM
sry, wrong reply...

Aug 31, 2010, 10:03 PM
sry, wrong reply...

maybe you can remove your post to keep this thread clean..