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Nov 23, 2008, 1:34 PM
I'm confused on a number of issues about the AutoLoad I understand the IFrame mode, but the 'merge' mode with a local page is very confusing as to what the rules are. For example, in the 'merge' mode:

- The .aspx page cannot have a <form>, so its really just an html snipit not a real page.
- If you put the Coolite Controls on an AutoLoad aspx page, it says that the ScriptManager is missing. Adding the ScriptManager allows it run, but none of the Coolite controls render. (I tried the ScriptMangerProxy, but nada)

So the first question is:

The Second issue is more of a design issue or discussion:

I'm the one that suggested the 'AutoLoadIFrame' feature in the first place, however now that I play with this some more, it seems another scenario may be more approprite. What if all .aspx pages were rendered in IFrames, and local .ascx User Controls were rendered in 'merge' mode. This is what User Controls do, 'merge' their code under a parent on the server side. This way the User Control Template model would be more consistent between client and server models.

I'm upgrading a product that makes extensive use of IFrames on the client side, and ITemplate.InstantianteIn() modules (like User Controls) on the server side to do similar injection into a page. I'm thinking that this AutoLoad can replace some of the IFrames and get better overall page integration and responsivness. But I'm begining to have second thought after not being able to get it working in a week or more of work.

Also, I still have other related unresolved posts regarding sizing and client side AutoLoads:


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Nov 24, 2008, 7:32 AM
Hi Randy,

I'm working on some (soon to be proposed) revisions to the .AutoLoad property.

Nov 24, 2008, 4:58 PM

Sounds interesting, and needed. Please keep me informed, I'm VERY interested in this feature, but I can work around it for now.

When your are revising it consider that in the 'merge' mode what you really have is the client-side equivilent of the ITemplate interface on the server side. Both merge code into an existing page. I realize how tricky this must be, but if you could make this really a full function template on the client side that would be an awesome feature. Right now, the 'merge' mode is too restrictive to be usefull.

BTW, A similar problem exists with WebParts. Unless you are using an IFrame WebPart, it does a merge into the current page. How is ExtJS/Coolite going to work in a WebPart? I think the answer is that the ScriptManager will be required on the SP Page, and you will develop the WebPart with a ScriptManagerProxy. But I have yet to cross that road, and from what I can tell the ScriptManagerProxy doesnt' work yet.

Please keep me informed.