View Full Version : Tabs and HtmlEditor not enabling with non-post back

May 17, 2008, 6:29 PM

I have a 3 Tabs in the Tab Panel control, and the 1st tab is to be the active tab, and i have a htmleditor in another tab, when i click on this tab, the htmleditor is not enabled, it is shown but greyed out and says "false" in the iframe window body.

Now when i leave this panel active and click on a link that does a post back, when the page is reloaded the htmleditor is now enabled. So it seems post backs are required or a page reload of some sorts, but I also have a link that is a query string rather than hidden postback values and when i use those links, it does not enabled the editor. It seems the work around would be enabling the thing manually on client side, but not sure if its a bug or just me???

Any help would be appreaciated, i rather not have to use a little client side hack to make it work, it should work already :) unless this is a EXTjs bug itselfe or something.