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May 16, 2008, 12:34 PM
I've only recently discovered Coolite, so please bear with me.

First off I'd like to say it looks really cool. Great work.

Couple of things I'm puzzled about though.

1. In the tab panel, how come the contents of a tab can't be between the tab tags? Using an html attibute seems a bit odd.

2. Why are all the Ext resources bundled into the dll? Wouldn't it be better if they existed as discrete files in the project - that way you could easily edit/swap out images and styles. This is particularly a problem given that you don't currently provide the source code (isn't that breaking the terms of the GPL btw?)

May 16, 2008, 6:47 PM
Hi john_vaudin,

1. The Content container controls (Panel, TabPanel/Tab, Window) all follow the same pattern of adding content to either the .Html property or <Content> section.


<ext:Window runat="server">

<ext: Panel runat="server">
</ext: Panel>

<ext:TabPanel runat="server" ActiveTab="0">
<ext:Tab runat="server" Title="Tab 1">

Text/html/content can be added to either the <Content> section or .Html property. If both the <Content> node and .Html property have been set, the .Html property will take precedence and any content in <Content> will not be rendered.

2. Currently (v0.4.x) all the resouce files are installed to your system when you run the .exe installer setup.

Start Menu > All Programs > Coolite > Coolite.Web.UI - Version 0.4 > Shortcut to Coolite Folder

You are free to drag/drop that folder into into your project. By setting the "RenderScripts" and "RenderStyles" property to "None", the ScriptManager will not render any <script> or <link> blocks on your page. That gives you the flexibility to include the files as required.

You could also set the "RenderScripts" and "RenderStyles" properties to "File" which instructs the ScriptManager to render the <script> and <link> blocks, but pathing is based on a file path within the project, and not embedded resources.

The "ResourcePath" property is used to determine the path to the /Coolite/ folder, as mentioned above. The default value for "ResourcePath" is "~/Coolite/", which instructs the ScriptManager to look in the project root for the /Coolite/ folder.

Hope this helps.

btw, the version you are currently using is not GPL. The version 0.5 release will be available as GPL.

May 17, 2008, 10:10 AM
Thanks for that - it all starts to make sense! Sorry for the newby questions.