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Dec 22, 2020, 4:32 PM
Does a CalendarPanel exist in new 7.2 version?
I'm not able to find it.

Thank you!

Dec 22, 2020, 5:49 PM
Hello @bbros!

At the moment, it is not included.

There are two versions of Calendar Panel. One that existed in Ext.NET (https://examples5.ext.net/#/Calendar/Overview/Basic/) for a long long time (since version 1, here (https://examples1.ext.net/#/Calendar/Overview/Basic/)), exclusive to Ext.NET, and another from Sencha (https://docs.sencha.com/extjs/7.3.1/modern/Ext.calendar.panel.Panel.html). Sencha one was introduced around September 2016 (https://www.sencha.com/blog/announcing-ext-js-6-2-ga/) as a separate licensed subproduct and our licensing terms didn't allow merging it even to older 5.x versions.

With Ext.NET 7 though, the opportunities opened with Sencha, so we may be able to legally merge it in future releases of 7.x (and even maybe 5.x!), so when we are able to include UX components in 7, there are good chances the Calendar Panel will be part of it. Depending on features and stability we may (or may not!) say goodbye to old Calendar Panel.

Currently Ext.NET 7 client-side code employs Ext JS 7.3.1 commercial license product with no further-licensed Sencha components (https://www.sencha.com/pricing/)*.

*) from the link, Ext.NET includes not every PRO entry, but the Ext JS framework. The items still not included in ExtJS regarding frameworks are the component entries there, like Calendar, Pivot Grid, D3, and so on.

Hope this helps!

Dec 23, 2020, 7:17 AM
Thank you for the answer I was using Calendar Panel in v5.

I worked with Ext.NET from version 2 to 5 until now and I'm planning to move to .NET 5 and Ext.NET v7.

Do you have a plan of component release date, which one will be included and which will not?

Dec 23, 2020, 2:58 PM
Hello @bbros!

Unfortunately we don't have any solid roadmap on that feature as of yet. I will raise this in our next team meeting and let you know if we draw a line on that feature.

If you got a github account you may want to track this issue: #1741 (https://github.com/extnet/Ext.NET/issues/1741); once it is implemented the road should be paved at least for the old calendar panel to make it into Ext.NET 7. The new calendar is a little different story because it will also need to be included in the client-side build process the first time in Ext.NET, so it would be more than just another UX.

Hope this helps!