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Oct 22, 2020, 2:28 PM

I have litle generic question.
I like Crips theme. THe only problem is that it looks "little bit more space consuming" in compare to other themes ( like default or Gray)

What I would like to have is Crisp theme that would look like as if I zoom my browser to 90%

is it possible to somehow like that resize complete theme/app?
(some setting on resourceManager, ot using some sass magic)
Or do I need to -somehow- create completelly new theme

I hope my question is clear and apologize for not having any related code


Oct 22, 2020, 7:32 PM
Hello @Ibrohan!

Unfortunately there's no quick way around that, and several components rely on specific template dimensioning to look right. In fact, there are even some issues with zooming in or out in some scenarios that have been historically not supported by the Ext JS component framework which Ext.NET runs on top of.

You are basically required to override all CSS width/height/margin/padding settings across all CSS rules for the theme until you have it working the way you like.

Basically you can do this in two approaches:

1. just create a CSS file and include it in your page, overridding any rules you find not to your liking.
2. dump the CSS files and edit them; then set up Ext.NET not to include its own embedded (or point to CDN) resources, adding then the references to your local edited version of the files.

The first option seems a good one for you to check if that's feasible for you. In case you could take it to your liking, the second option would be more suitable as a "definitive change" as you'll then just edit the rules in-place instead of overriding rules already set (avoid loading of CSS rulesets that will only be overridden later).

Hope this helps!

Oct 22, 2020, 8:14 PM
Ok thanks

You likelly answered my related question - how to create custom theme with ext.net
is the "dumpling of the files" recomended way?

I was thinking to use sencha cmd for that ( even not saying I'm sure it is doable)

Because what you have described sounds like creating new theme in fact, right?