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Aug 21, 2020, 6:50 PM
Dear, good afternoon.

We have a problem that happens sometimes.

We used the EXT 5 framework in conjunction with IIS 10.

Sometimes, some icons are not displayed on the frontend, these icons are loaded from the library: /app/extjs/packages/theme_neptune/build/resources/images/tree/elbow-plus-png/ext.axd

When the error occurs, I open this link in a new tab and it is displayed normally.

We identified that when the problem occurs when loading the CSS style, a Hash is added, example (attachment erro.png):

/ app / (X (1) F (yhsdahkldsaksdajkashdjklasjhdajskhdkahkda) / extjs / packges.

We do not know how to remove this hash, the problem already occurs three times a week and it is necessary to restart the IIS pool in order for the application to return to normal.

My WebConfig is attached

Sep 08, 2020, 9:10 PM
Hello @sphere, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

Can you edit your message and wrap the URL addresses you added within
tags? It is pretty strange the added whitespaces in the URL and I believe it doesn't help picturing the URL you're getting.

I can't see anything in your web.config file that clearly would randomly trigger this URL change from the resources. In fact, it suggests the client-side code is making the request to the image, or maybe you have an external CSS file, or maybe even some caching issue (especially if you use some kind of cloud accellerators, like cloudflare, cloudfront)... But the randomness of the issue is really puzzling.

This /app/[var] prefix in the URL even for the "right" url you get looks a little strange to me as to why it is prepended to the URL, which should usually look like [var]http://my.website.address/extjs/packages/..... So maybe there's something mangling URLs among your included dependencies or NuGet packages; but that's a long long shot.

Let us know if you get some means to deterministicly reproduce the issue. Ultimately, if we can reproduce it in a simple example (which doesn't seem to be the case), we can always troubleshoot it; tell you it is an usage issue, a bug, or whatnot.

Hope this helps, looking forward to your follow-up!