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Aug 17, 2020, 2:29 PM
Hi Sir,

I have opened windows through shortcuts in desktop control then click on tiling button and its tiled as expected, but in my scenerio Windows needs get adjusted automatically if we drag one window and drop in to other window(which is already tiled). i.e., For example if first postion window drags and drops on to the third postion window then third postion window should move to the first postion I'm expecting like swapping.. Is there any option like this or any is there is any way to do this.

Thank you,

Aug 17, 2020, 5:20 PM
Hello @vamsi!

There's no such functionality built-in the desktop component, unfortunately. I am sure there are ways to do it, but it'd require some sort of ground-up development. You probably can use the same logic in the portal component.

Here's an example of the portal component: Portal > Basic > Simple (https://examples5.ext.net/#/Portal/Basic/Simple/)

Notice how it "allocates spots" for windows. I'm afraid that's not going to be a simple change, as this is quite an elaborate scenario.

You may be able to, once calling the tile function, place "drop targets" like it is done with the portal component.

Note: the component is exclusive to Ext.NET. You can see its client-side source code if you open the example above in debug mode; just do these steps:
1. open the link above,
2. in the cog icon menu at top-left of the page, check the "Debug Mode" checkbox. Wait the page to load.
3. open the Direct link for the Portal Example (https://examples5.ext.net/Examples/Portal/Basic/Simple/) ("Direct Link" button at top-right of the example, then "Open (Direct)" or the link here).