View Full Version : Navigation icons not visible, upgrading Ext.net 3.1 to Ext.Net 5.2

May 27, 2020, 9:45 AM

we are upgrading an application from Ext.Net 3.1 to Ext.Net 5.2

In the Ext.Net 5.2 version, all navigation icons are missing (see screenshots).

Do you know how to make these icons visible?

Arthur Linhart


May 27, 2020, 1:58 PM
Hello Arthur!

These icons are png resources and they still are in both versions. They shouldn't have broken in normal circumstances. Reasons for it not to show include bad Web.Config settings inhibiting resources from being reachable via embedded resources handler, or internet access in case you set up Ext.NET to pull resources off CDN.

You can check the URL Ext.NET is trying to reach by "inspecting" one of the paging toolbar buttons and scrolling down to the .x-btn-icon-el.x-tbar-page-next CSS rule.

Then you can switch the browser's developer tools (that is opened when you right-click and choose "inspect" in the paging toolbar's button) to the network tab (a refresh may be needed) and check the result of that URL -- which will probably be something like 500, 404 or other error HTTP status.

I attached a screenshot of what I'm talking about; I presumed you are using the Neptune theme for the looks of your screenshots, and I used the online Grid Panel > Array Grid > Array With Paging (https://examples5.ext.net/#/GridPanel/ArrayGrid/ArrayWithPaging/) example.

It really looks like a setting went missing in the upgrade process -- I don't see a setting that changed between 3.x to 5.x that could affect resources serving, but it may be a good idea to give your Web.config settings a good check against Ext.NET 5's one (https://examples.ext.net/#/Getting_Started/Release_Documents/README/).

Hope this helps!