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Jun 06, 2017, 4:53 PM
This guide will walk you thru the steps to set up a NuGet local repository with Ext.NET built packages.

To be able to do this, you'll neet latest Ext.NET sources, which is available to premium subscription users of Ext.NET. This feature has been available since Ext.NET version 4.2.0.

This guide assumes you already have the sources and could successfully build it in Debug mode, at least and that your version of Visual Studio has a NuGet Package Manager version compatible with This version number is displayed in Package Manager Console tab (View menu > Other Windows > Package Manager Console).

1. First, switch Ext.NET to Release configuration and build it. The build should take a considerable longer amount of time than the Debug Build, because it builds the NuGet packages in the process, which means it builds all possible Ext.NET configurations in Release Mode (MVC, WebForms, and the different .NET versions).

2. On any running Visual Studio instance, open the NuGet Package Manager settings dialog as shown below:

3. Switch to the 'Package Sources' options category and then click the '+' button at top-right of the dialog:

4. Give the package repository a name you'll remember will have the local NuGet packages and then browse for the src/bin/NuGet folder inside Ext.NET project repository.

5. Chosen the folder, click 'Update' so that the package source above reflect the specified new settings:

6. Once the entry is updated, click 'ok' to dismiss the window and save the settings.

7. Now open NuGet Package Manager itself, it can be done either from the Tools menu or from right-clicking the solution or any of the projects in Solution Explorer:

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Jun 06, 2017, 5:12 PM
8. Once the Package Manager is open, select the freshly created repository. Check 'include prerelease' if it is not, as the built NuGet packages will be pre-release ones:

9. Then you will be able to browse the built NuGet packages and will be able to upgrade the NuGet package with the one from the repository.

That would be all necessary to use the self-built NuGet packages.

Notice that when you rebuild the packages (in a same version) you may be required to remove the copy NuGet Package Manager makes in the client solution's packages/ directory (in this case, packages/Ext.NET.4.2.2-current/) before you can reinstall the NuGet package. Removing the NuGet package from the whole solution (from all projects in the solution) should be enough, but double-check the folder is gone before trying to update it. The NuGet package version number would only be increased after a public release.